Cloud Based PC Client

The ggLeap client is a cloud based software that manages both PCs and consoles within an esports center. You control the client gaming experience by enabling the games and apps you want to provide. Customer stats, branding, client shop & license management are just some of the outstanding features of this esports operating system leader.


No need for a physical server. Data backups, version upgrades, PC connections all handled via the cloud with an offline mode available.
Manage your business from anywhere. PC, tablet & phone.
Ring up both time offers & products. Completed through the web admin or the client shop.
Complete control over what you want users to see. User and PC group control. Most pre-work already done for you.
Get daily access to what happened in your esports center. Financials, stats, user reports, and more.
Utilize house account setup for games and auto login through game launchers.


ggLeap tracks the most popular game stats automatically through regular gameplay. Through our sister site, ggChampions, these stats are tallied and become both local and global leaderboards. Filter stats just by your center, recognize players for their accomplishments, and create creative contests at your esports center utilizing this data.

Players earn coins just for logging into your system. Supported games that are automatically stat tracked give you the opportunity to earn more coins.

As coins are earned, players can redeem these for prizes that you provide or global prizes that ggLeap provides at no extra cost to you.

The goal of our software is to provide incentives for players to return. Through events, competitions & prizes that meet gamers where they are. From weeknight events to a full ticketed and automated tournament solution. ggLeap is more than just management software.

Our full screen leader board system allows your players to see the pulse of what is going on in your esports center, see their name on the big screen and geve them reason to stay at the top.

FREE immediate access to a 30 day ggLeap trial.


We realize not all business owners know the ins and outs of esports center technical aspects. ggLeap has been built to take much of the technology minutia out of the equation. Once a subscription is started your server is auto-setup and ready to roll. Download, install and authenticate the ggLeap client on customer PCs. Select, configure, and enable the games installed on your devices. Finally create users and time offers and open up your doors!


Like most businesses, time is money. It’s no different in an esports center. Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any question directly within the web administrator. Most inquiries are answered in less than one minute. Any issues we’re unable to immediately solve are provided to our senior support staff for further investigation.

Our center notification system allows center employees to send messages to specific customers or to the entire gaming floor. Utilize this to send information regarding specials, events, or to let them know that it’s almost time to close for the day.

ggLeap has Discord integration built into our client. As an esports center you can setup your private server to be utilized as two way communication between employees and players. Customers can also quickly get into Discord groups for in game communication in a snap.

Keep your customers aware of what’s happening in your location by using our customizable events section. Not only will this show network wide ggCircuit events, but be sure that you add your own upcoming events for users to see. Make the most of communicating direct to the players within the ggLeap client.

Our esports center network always has a lot going on. ggCircuit can create notifications that go direct to center owners and employees through the web administrator. Upcoming network events, new released features, and important topics help you stay on top of all things you need to know or promote to your customers.

ggLeap includes walk through tours so that you can easily understand the basics of using the web administrator. These tours are shown immediately to any new users and can also be accessed through our knowledge base at any time.