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Yes, you can obtain a one week trial of ggLeap by going to here. This will get you directly with our team who will answer any questions you might have about ggLeap before providing a free 30 day trial link.


What is ggLeap?

ggLeap is cloud based esports management software with a large feature set. This means it covers MANY aspects of and esports center or LAN gaming location. The types of businesses that utilize ggLeap are independent owners, universities, family entertainment chains, casinos and large corporations. The ggLeap administrator is ran through a web browser and no server is needed to run our software. The ggLeap client is installed on each customer PC and allows you to enable the games and applications that you want your gamers to see. ggLeap serves locations all over the world into an excited esports network of brick and mortar locations. You can get a free one week trial of ggLeap here.

Below is an overview of ggLeap’s features:

What is ggCircuit?

ggCircuit is a 24/7 automated esports competition. ggCircuit provides coin rewards to gamers just by playing in a ggLeap location. A player playing on PC or console earns one coin per minute. ggCircuit also allows players to connect supported game accounts. The ggCircuit system tracks match stats and applies skill coins based on how well you do in game. A breakdown of coins per supported game can be seen on the ggCircuit website under the “Leaderboards” link. ggCircuit also provides automated global competitions called seasons that are a center vs. center competitions where prizes are awarded and much more. The ggCircuit system is primarily utilized to recognize your customers patronage and provide a fun way to engage them through leaderboards, coin rewards and prizes. Anyone subscribing to ggLeap receives the ggCircuit functionality automatically.

Below is an overview of ggCircuit’s features:


What features are available in ggLeap?

Listing the complete set of features in ggLeap can be tough just because there are so many. We are constantly working on the software so this list is ever changing. One way to keep up is to head over to the “Features” page on the website and learn all about what we can do. As a quick list of “some” of the major pieces we have to help you manager your esports center:

  • Web Administrator
  • PC Client
  • Point of Sale
  • User Management
  • Time/Offer Management
  • Offer and product Point of Sale
  • Automated Esports Competition
  • Console Management
  • License Managment
  • Employee Management
  • Game Management
  • Game License Management
  • PC Groups
  • User Groups
  • Stock Control
  • Client Store
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Statistics and Financial Reports
  • Coin Rewards
  • Prize Redemption
  • Global Event Organization


How do I setup ggLeap?

One thing that we try our best is to make ggLeap easy to setup for business owners without much technical knowledge. The main four steps that are needed to start utilizing ggLeap are:

  • Login to the ggLeap administrator and download the PC client.
  • Install the client on your customer PCs.
  • Configure game setups and consoles (if applicable).
  • Create user offers.

These steps can be done in any order to get you to your goal of opening your doors with ggLeap. Once you setup a ggLeap subscription, your server will be created and user credentials will be sent to you. A very basic example of a ggLeap setup can be accomplished through the steps below:

How do I setup ggCircuit?

There are no steps needed to setup ggCircuit. It automatically starts working once your ggLeap subscription is created. You will be sent an email to setup your ggCircuit center account, but it is not required for your users to start earning coins through gameplay at your center. An account created through your ggLeap setup automatically starts earning ggCircuit perks.


How do I get ggLeap Support?

All of our websites have a “Chat” widget in the bottom right, where you can either get a live person to talk to or you can submit a contact ticket. We strive to provide support as quickly as possible, but some issues can take some time to resolve. Our team will do our best to make sure you are back up and running and resolve issues as soon as possible.

How quickly will I get help?

For live support, on average, you will receive a response around one minute. We have a support team member available to answer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you have links where I can answer my own questions?

Sure, since our software is being worked on all the time, things can change. We have a knowledge base available at the link below:

What if I need setup help?

We would encourage you to utilize the “Chat” widget and we will help resolve your question in regards to setup.

Do you come on site to assist with my installation?

We support hundreds of locations around the world. We have managed to be able to assist with installation support remotely for 99% of setups. If you are interested in esports center consulting or a larger scale assistance with your location, feel free to email us at

  • "Since we've installed ggleap in December our income has actually increased in a visible way."

    Ibrahim Alhamzah
    Ibrahim Alhamzah Owner / Challenge Arena
  • "With ggLeap we barely even have to think about our PC's and can focus on making a succesful business run."

    Gabe Letourneau
    Gabe Letourneau Owner / HUD Gaming Lounge
  • "Because of their immense knowledge & experience in the industry, I'm trying out things that have never been done at a LAN center before, at least in India"

    Prashant Thakkar
    Prashant Thakkar Owner / Intencity
  • "We have found ggLeap to be a huge breath of fresh air."

    Aldo Araujo
    Aldo Araujo Manager / Game Haven

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