ggLeap Update 20th January 2021

Webadmin v1.1136.00

  • Added ggLeap Client 2.0 community roadmap . Please submit ideas and vote for others’. Note this is CLIENT roadmap only, admin roadmap will release in the next update.
  • Created Discord Stats bot and reworked UX for all 3 discord actions. The stats bot can be invited to YOUR discord server where it will announce interesting things that concern your players – like a stats feed from games played. Available commands are:
    • !subscribe_all (example output)
    • !subscribe_to_episode_activation (episodes activation only)
    • !subscribe_to_bfb_matchups! (bfb matchups only)
    • !subscribe_to_bfb_results (bfb results only)
    • !userstats fortnite (fortnite stats only)
    • !userstats lol (league of legend stats only)
    • !userstats apex (apex stats only)
    • !userstats pubg (pubg stats only)
    • !userstats rocketleague (rocket league stats only)
    • !userstats valorant (valorant stats only)
    • !userstats cod_warzone (cod stats only)
    • !unsubscribe_all (no stats)
    • !ggcommands (repeat these commands)
  • Moved the (legacy) slider to  while we develop Slider 2.0.
  • Massively improved the content of .xls stats page exports for an itemized breakdown in .xls format.
  • Fixed issue with statistics where sales table breakdown for products are per transaction.
  • Fixed an issue where deleted users were showing up as an option for remote player login.
  • Fixed all known issues with licenses not being returned to the pool.
  • Fixed all known issues with rounding numbers to the correct decimal place.
  • Fixed all known issues with offer type “start on allocation”.
  • Export Users button will now link to filters.
  • Added more employee permissions. Next release will allow admins to create “roles” for various employee types.
  • Fixed issue where postpaid offers are not removed after refund.
  • Fixed issue where we cannot refund stored offers.
  • Fixed issue when you click refund too fast the refund amount is 0.
  • Fixed issue where you can’t sell anything to a user if the coin amount is less than 0.
  • Changing client version from dashboard now redirects to settings > client config > PC versions.
  • Fixed issue where we cannot use ~ symbol in username and passwords in the licenses.
  • Fixed issue with userdetails configuration where we cannot add more than 14~16 entries.


  • Fixed Battlenet autologin after recent battlenet client update.

ggLeap Update 10th December 2020

New Feature : The WHEEL OF WIN

Demo Spin is here

When you configure any episode in the event system you can choose that the winner and prize will be chosen by the WOW.

The player slots on the player wheel are assigned based on player score. So if a player finishes first in some event they will have a quantity of slots that is relative to their score IE the players who do best in the event, will automatically have the most slots and therefore greatest chance of being chosen.

The prize slots on the prize wheel (i.e. the items to be won) are pre-configured on a % basis, so you can have a high end prize that only has a 1% chance of being selected on any given spin.

The WOW will be used to decide over 200 individual events in the BFB Episodes, but it can also be configured by admins at the center level, for local events.

  1. Simply select “Wheel of Win” as the reward system and create a new wheel.
  2. Start configuring your prizes so that they will look good on the wheel. Assign each prize a % chance. Keep adding prizes until total probability is 100%.
  3. Next time you want to create a new competition, you can link that competition to any previously created prize wheel.
  4. The system will automatically create an overview page, leaderboard, and WOW at the end of the event.

We have now launched the first of 200+ Episodes that will take place over the next 3 months. To find them select the “Episodes” section in ggLeap events, or in AtHome  

And select an episode to see rules/details.

ggLeap Update 8th December 2020

Battle for the Battle Launch Day!

We are excited to launch the first version of Battle for the Banner Open. Prizes include:

  • 7 Lenovo Esports Laptops for 7 individual winners
  • 5 Lenovo Esports Computers for the top ggLeap enabled gaming center
  • 240 X pieces of Hardware from Logitech.

This is a completely free event for centers and players!

Center Admin documentation is here

Athome Version 0.2622

ggLeapVersion :  1.2496.0.2769

ggLeap Client

There will a lot of web-content updates in the next 24/48 hours to support further new features for the BFB event series

ggLeap Update 9th November 2020


New primary feature – Coin System 2.0 beta


Other items:

AtHome Client

Our primary goal with the AtHome client is to make the perfect companion for ggLeap that helps drive traffic to your center while increasing your revenue.

New features/fixes

  • Fixed bug that we are unable to select the desired days from offer settings.
  • Fixed bug unable to set eligible time end if it’s less than eligible time start offer settings.
  • Fixed bug where you need to refresh the page to see the created license pool.
  • Fixed bug where start of day is getting converted to UTC time.
  • Fixed bug where uploaded htm/html becomes downloadable links.
  • Receipt texts are now darker.
  • Added more employee permissions (Can view other reports, Can edit guest session cost, and Can manage/edit coin system).
  • Added ability to set a security profile to default so that new machines automatically get it.

ggLeap Update 27th July 2020

ggLeap Alpha Release: 1.2192

AtHome Release 0.2257


Admin 2.0 full release!

The admin has been tested a lot, especially in the last 4 weeks, but due to the sheer amount of content there are likely to be small bugs that exist, which will be found quickly when everyone starts using it. We will address these at highest priority, however the “old” admin can be used at if there is a blocking issue.

The mobile version is still being improved, with significant updates coming later this week..

You can now:

  • Create custom events for your gamers that require VIP membership and that have some advertised prizes.
  • Only VIP members can register for these events.
  • Vip members who are at home can also join in on the fun – this unlocks potential for an entirely new revenue stream from home gamers.
  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • VIP events combined with the ability to broadcast promotional messages to home gamers now makes the AtHome client a good companion to ggLeap with many more synergies to come.

Small bug fixes include:

ggLeap Client

AtHome Client

Events System Beta

There are $2,500 (weekly) events running in ggLeap and atHome that gamers can take part in as we beta test new systems. These events can be supplemented by any custom events that centers would also like to run.


ggLeap Update 9th July 2020

ggLeap Alpha Release: 1.2002

AtHome Release 0.2057

ggRock Release v0.1.739

This update includes a huge upgrade towards the new ggCircuit Events system which is our primary project for the next few months.

Please see more details on this link (too much to include on this changelog).

ggRock is an advanced, next-generation product that allows for easy maintenance of gaming pcs including game and OS patching. For a quick overview please see the following summary here:

ggRock is now available on early access!!!  Patch notes are here.


ggLeap Update 18th June 2020

Alpha Release: 1.1857 (became stable version on 22nd June)

Admin 2.0 updates (Forthcoming webadmin) – 

We are continuing to add new functionality to the upcoming webadmin while fixing small issues and expect a full release sometime over the next few months. This admin can be used now to run your center and feedback is welcome, however it is still under active development.

Items under development (testing purposes only):

Small fixes:

  • Fixed dozens of small usability issues.

ggLeap Client 

  • Fixed all issues relating to the ggleap client updater (note there might still be an issue updating TO this version. Rebooting pcs might be necessary to trigger a successful update in older versions).
  • Fixed all known issues with all autologins.
  • Fixed all known small bugs.

Prize Ladder

  • Added “prize ladder” on the left side panel. By default this will show the highest valued prize that the gamer can afford, along with 3 other items that he/she can save up for. Clicking on the panel will open up the main prize vault (and add an item to the cart if redeemable).
  • Prize ladder with no prizes configured will look like this.
  • If your center does not want to have any prizes redeemable in the client, the functionality can be removed here.
  • Coins are earned by default at 1 per minute and will update in the prize ladder every 60 seconds.

Game Launching

  • Clicking on games will no longer open the game screen since we are no longer ranking gameplay based on coins. Games will immediately launch when clicked. This functionality can be returned to legacy mode via client settings but this is not recommended.
  • Added new permanent filter for “house accounts” which will appear if your center has configured any licences for any games.
  • Clicking on a game with a configured license will prompt the user to choose.

ggLeap Update 18th March 2020

Alpha Release: 1.1616

Note 1: This version of ggLeap contains a lot of small fixes to the previous release with primary goal of stability while we focus on the gg@home client.

Note 2: New features/fixes relating to the client will not work with a client version that is lower than 1.1616

  • Fixed all known issues with all autologins not returning license keys to the pool for any reason
  • Fixed Epic autologin when considering captchas
  • Fixed Issue with Itch.IO not clearing credentials
  • Fixed issues with Arabic language and client shop
  • Added Apex stat tracking globally
  • Fixed issue with client lock message showing default text rather than custom
  • Fixed logout issue on graphical view for admindemo
  • Fixed room menu buttons upon zoom in on graphical view
  • Fixed issue with cap session being available when disabled in settings for employee
  • Fixed issue with left menu not being scrollable
  • Fixed issue with High School search not working while editing
  • Fixed issue with Reservation label shown after PC is locked
  • Fixed issues with additional filters on Activity Tracker
  • Fixed client issue with submitting the Terms of Service
  • Fixed issues with some of employee permissions not working
  • Added more employee permissions (CanViewReplays, CanManageClientApplications, CanManageLoyaltyPrograms, CanManageSecurityPolicyGroups)
  • Security enhancements for API/backend

ggLeap Update 5th March 2020

Alpha post-release hotfixes: 1.1541: Some small tweaks to improve Super Vault

Alpha post-release hotfixes: 1.1598: Fixed some hard-to-find memory leaks that caused some weird behaviour.

Alpha Release: 1.1539

Note 1: This version of ggLeap contains a lot of new unity code and therefore is a little more “alpha” than usual.

Note 2: Some hotfixes will be expected tomorrow, as is normal for the Fortnightly alpha release.

Note 3: New features/fixes relating to the client will not work with a client version that is lower than 1.1539

Webadmin updates ( Note we are slowly moving towards a new admin which is located at and remains under active heavy development). 

ggLeap Client 1.1539

Small bug fixes and Improvements

Super League Gaming (Currently NA centers only)

ggLeap Update 19th February 2020

Alpha Release: 1.1441

Note: Some hotfixes will be expected on February 20th, as is normal for the Fortnightly alpha release.

Note 2: New features/fixes relating to the client will not work with a client version that is lower than 1.1441

Admin 2.0 Open Beta (It’s FAST)  – (under active development!)

ggLeap Reservation + Party System v0.15

ggLeap Client 1.1441

  • CS GO stats integration. We are now recording all CS GO related data in real time. Website and competitions to follow.

Small bug fixes and Improvements

Super League Integration (Beta)

  • There are big changes coming to the program that couldn’t be included in this release but will be included for the next fortnightly release on the 4th March. 


ggLeap Update 5th February 2020

Post release hotfix 1.1352 : Reservations not appearing on clients for non-N.A centers

Alpha Release: 1.1351

Admin 2.0 Open Beta (under active development – try it on PC only – mobile comes later!)

This admin 2.0 page will get its own changelog every fortnight . It is currently about 75% redesigned and refactored. After this is complete, new modules will be introduced.

ggLeap Reservation + Party System v0.1

Ability to reserve pc(s) for party bookings. The computers will know that they have been reserved, and (optionally) logout users and lock the pcs 5 minutes prior to PC booking.

The reservation system will get its own changelog every fortnight as we move towards full web-based reservation and payment system.

Small bug fixes and Improvements

  • Automatically will log users out of consoles if they have been logged in for 24 hours
  • It is no longer possible to accidently delete a device while a user is currently logged in (caused problems) 
  • Fixed a bug where adding additional time to a currently logged in guest did not update dashboard stats
  • Fixed all known issues with package Deals and refunds
  • Fixed issue with Apex stats that showed a few words in Russian language
  • Added emoji support for player messages
  • Fixed rare issue with games getting a license from the wrong license pool
  • Fixed issues with youtube game trailer videos not loading
  • Youtube game trailers will play once and then display screenshot
  • Fixed issues with center created events
  • SAML identifier input box was moved to Superadmin page

Super League Integration (Beta)

ggLeap update 22nd January 2020

Beta Release: 1.1327

Major projects currently under development:

ggLeap Admin 2.0 – Latest technology using Design System, Angular Kendo, HiCharts:

Quick Video Teaser (no sound) 

ETA: Superior to existing admin in every way – mid February 2020. Full 2.0 with new interface design- April 2020.


ggLeap Client 2.0 –  Entirely new UI/UX, Latest technology using Electron, HTTPS, websockets.

ETA: First version April 2020.


ggRock – Next generation PXE boot solution. Currently used by dozens of pioneer centers (see Discord for details).

ETA: 1.0 in Q1 

ggLeap Backend :

We are 100% migrated now from rabbitmq . All requests use https and all notifications from backend to webadmin use websockets. We are now able to deploy any new feature separately and test in its own isolated environment.



Super League (Beta) ( Current N.America only, more regions coming as beta program evolves)


Small Fixes

  • Fixed caching issue in stats page that caused some filtered data to be inaccurate (eg filtering “last month” vs “December 1st-December31st” was producing slightly different results.
  • Added admin “blur” option to ensure notifications are seen ( can be disabled in webadmin settings).
  • Found a workaround and returned audio alerts to webadmin for client orders.
  • Added ability to disable all game video trailer content from client (instead default to screenshots).
  • Added email validation requirement for employees.
  • Added ability to exclude a game from a shared license pool.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented local licenses being used as priority before using a shared license pool.
  • Fixed all issues with custom fields not being saved in webadmin.
  • Depositing money to player balance now prompts for payment method (previously assumed cash).
  • Fixed all known launcher/autologin issues that appeared since the last release
  • Added video capability in the client events section.
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to drag/drop arrange offers in the shop.
  • Fixed an issue with Crossfire thinking ggLeap was anticheat.
  • Fixed an issue with ggLeap saving huge amounts of Apex screenshots as part of stats gathering.
  • Shop custom categories are now visible in the client
  • Now unable to delete a pc or console if a user is logged in
  • Missing prizes from some centers are now visible in inventory management
  • Fixed a bug that prevented ability to save user details if the password field is required in user details config
  • Missing prizes from some centers are now visible in inventory management
  • Fixed add/remove time in guest session returning an error notification
  • Fixed add/remove time UI not disappearing after adding/removing time to a user
  • Verify email on password restoration panel – only passwords that exists and valid format will work
  • Spamming the password reset in the client no longer makes the client go to offline mode

ggLeap update 1st November 2019

Stable Release ggLeap V1.1121


Client: upgrades required for Manic Monday (all known issues with Fortnite data collection are fixed)


ggLeap update 30th October 2019

Alpha Release ggLeap V1.1120
Stable Release ggLeap V1.1115


Backend:(Huge update)

Backend now supports multiple ways of communication with clients and we are 90% migrated away from RMQ which could bottleneck at high traffic.

ggLeap Client now uses http for all requests and SQS to receive notifications from the backend with RMQ as the backup. 

We are currently adding more ways of communication which work simultaneously which will continue to improve service stability.


Once all clients are updated to latest we can fully restrict the RMQ to be used by the backend only which will make the system much more reliable and decrease downtimes.




  • Added events menu to allow Super League Gaming, GYO and forthcoming 3rd parties to promote events to gamers at your center (Ability for centers to add own events to the same area is coming in the next update).
  • Moved settings menu to settings cog in top right
  • Added optional clock display (defaulted to off, configured via admin)


Small fixes/updates


  • Selecting multiple computers to unlock them now works.
  • Employee authentication token is no longer required if not seen for >30 days
  • Fixed issue where sometimes client account balance would display zero even though balance existed..
  • Fixed issue with the new league of legends launcher is not clearing the credentials if the user clicks on “Stay signed in”.
  • Fixed issues with stats where money paid with card was appearing as cash.
  • Fixed issue where context menu could remain on screen after moving to different page.
  • ggLeap auto detects diskless mode rather than looking to the database settings.


ggLeap update 17th September 2019

Alpha Release ggLeap V1.934


Please note that the Classic UI is being removed on October 1st 2019, as it is using an old resource heavy version of Unity which can’t be maintained. We will be remaking a newer version of this theme for those that prefer the look but we strongly recommend ggChampions UI.




First stage of migrating WebAdmin to https is complete. Now all requests use HTTPS instead of RabbitMQ which should increase speed and stability, while reducing issues for centers that were physically distant from our backend servers (USA East). RabbitMQ is still used for push notifications and will be replaced with better tech in the following weeks.




Webadmin (ctrl+F5 to get update – clear cache if any issues)


Small fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue where refunding an offer didn’t actually remove the offer
  • Fixed an issue where time remaining alerts were not been played for guest users
  • Added an ability to set an expiry date on offers
  • Fixed an issue where credit card was default payment method for client orders
  • Fixed an issue where custom fields would be shown in the client during registration  in error.
  • Resized client registration screen to fit more fields into display
  • Fixed minecraft autologin
  • Fixed bug with Arabic language with locked PC
  • Updated to new Stripe
  • Fixed an issue where refunding an order to balance didn’t actually increase the balance
  • Added ability to apply group consumption manipulation for prizes 
  • Improved drag/drop and moving rooms in PC layout view
  • Added changelog and FAQ buttons for version control
  • Added ability to choose payment source for guests


ggLeap update 7th August 2019

Global Default Version : 1.655
Global Default Theme : ggChampions

ggLeap Admin

ggLeap Client                                


ggLeap update 24th July 2019

Updated Beta Version to : V1.586.
Updated Alpha Version to : V1.586.

Note: This version of ggLeap Client requires .Net4.8. The updater will install it automatically. If you encounter any issues, please manually install .Net4.8 . If you still encounter issues, uninstall previous .net before installing 4.8

V1.586 updates:

  • Further ggLeap CPU reductions for systems with high Hz monitors.
  • Added first version dynamic rebranding option via webadmin to ggChampions theme (more variants for different logo shapes coming soon).
  • Added support for all Arena mode Fortnite gametypes for ggChampions stats.
  • Logging a user out will automatically log the computer out of the integrated Discord mode.
  • Automatic Dota2 linking – all players should be tracked after their next game of Dota 2 (Riot only) – no need for linking.

ggLeap update 18th July 2019

Updated Global Version to : V1.330

Updated Beta Version to : V1.330

Updated Alpha Version to V: 1.569

Moved ->

Moved newadmin ->


  • Upgrading to versions above 1.550 will download from CDN (turbo download speeds globally)
  • Configurable admin pc lock (will remain locked if user reboots pc, only admin can unlock)


Added new map API – NOTE – We display whatever data you have entered in settings->center config-> center information

Bugs/Small Features (clearing cache might be required to receive update)

ggLeap Client V1.330 (Beta/Pre-release)

ggLeap Client V1.378 (Alpha/Test)

  • Added ability to login into client with email address
  • Added offlinemode v0.1 
  • Added game launcher –  informs gamer about game-loading progress

ggLeap Version 1.330 6th June 2019

ggLeap Webadmin and Core

ggLeap Slider

ggLeap Client


 Small fixes and improvements

ggLeap Version 1.218 March 21st 2019

Please contact ggleap webchat to request version update.

ggLeap Slider

ggLeap Webadmin and Core

ggLeap Client

Small bug fixes/improvements:

  • Fixed UI issues relating to Licence pools
  • Fixed postpay related stock issues
  • Fixed issue that allowed users to postpay prizes
  • Fixed localizable sounds for “invalid username” and “invalid password”
  • Fixed an issue with pos cart when “show receipt” was disabled
  • Fixed an issue where backend was not saving mobile phone registration info
  • Fixed Teamviewer remote connection
  • Fixed a random bug with renaming categories
  • Fixed an issue completing postpay orders when items had been removed from stock
  • Fixed an issue that meant changing client side panels would remove logo
  • Fixed an issue where cancel button here did nothing

ggLeap Version 1.93 January 16th 2019

Note: Most of the work since the last update has gone into large features that are yet to be released!

ggLeap Backend

  • Massively improved how centers requests are processed in the backend and this significantly reduced loads on our servers.
  • Developed a tool for support staff to instantly move centers from certain processors if one of them starts having problems (we have many processors) . This means support staff should be able to restore functionality to your center within 1 minute (once contacted via chat support) while devs investigate the issue in vast majority of cases.
  • Reduced the number of microservices our servers are running which further simplifies the processing of a request.

ggLeap Webadmin

  • ggLeap support staff now have the ability to use webadmin to grab log files from pcs to more easily troubleshoot issues.
  • Added “Stored Offers” to profile which shows offers which are not currently eligible to be used but will be in the future.
  • Fixed issue with being unable to see license numbers being used.
  • Added location map to center config for use with google maps API.

ggLeap Client

  • Fixed Epic/ Battlenet auto login issues related to game patches.
  • Added ability for gamers to lock their pcs to take breaks (yes, their time still decreases).
  • Fixed issues relating to Game/App search.

Dozens of small fixes/tweaks/improvements

ggLeap Version 1.2 November 27th 2018

Note: This version of ggLeap adds many requested small fixes/updates while we are building several major new features.

ggLeap Webadmin:

ggLeap Client:

  • Incorrectly typing password no longer clears the username field
  • Added French support

ggLeap Version 0.2470 October 19th 2018

Please contact ggleap webchat to request version update.

ggLeap Client:

ggLeap Webadmin:

Small bug fixes/improvements:

ggLeap Version 0.2411 September 28th 2018

ggLeap Client:

ggLeap Webadmin:

Lots of small bug fixes/improvements:

ggLeap Version 0.1967 August 1st 2018

ggLeap Client:

  • Client can now be localized to any language (see webadmin to choose).
  • Client can now play custom audio to replace “Welcome to ggLeap” and other voice messages (see webadmin to upload).
  • Fuel Gauge has been enhanced to now show consumption % for those using PC groups.
  • New POS subcategory display system.
  • GDPR ready (waiting for legal agreements for each country).

ggLeap Webadmin:

  • Added ability to choose both “custom consumption rate” and “limited offer validity” simultaneously (IE you can have an offer that only works on a certain group of PCS and have that group of pcs consume the offer at a variable % to normal).
  • Added ability to upload custom wav files to replace default voice messages eg “Welcome to eBash!”
  • Added webadmin/client localization support. You can now choose from webadmin the language you want for both admin and client.
  • Statistics page overhaul (very large update). The stats page has had a huge amount of development and is now a good system to generate reports including shift reports. Further development is underway.
  • GDPR ready.
  • Changed dashboard stats which should now all be fully accurate and real time. “Income” relates to money in (including cash/card transactions and player deposits) while “Sales” relates to offer/product transactions (from cash/card or from player balance). These numbers can be different if someone purchases items today using his balance from a deposit he made last week (full breakdown in stats page)

Lots of small bug fixes/improvements:

  • Fixed issues relating to volume controls on usb devices.
  • Fixed issues relating to resolution changes (ggleap client could break after playing an old game with a low resolution).
  • Fixed bug relating to client shop not correctly displaying taxes.
  • Default selection in client shop is now “pay from balance” if player has enough balance to afford cart.
  • Client will now inform the user during registration if email address already exists (rather than generic error message).
  • Fixed an issue where client would ask for date of birth and force user to repeat password.
  • Relocated the “select all/select none” button in webadmin to be the “double tick” symbol on dashboard.
  • Added ability to “force logout” users on newadmin who had become stuck due to power/internet failure.
  • Fixed bug that gave the option to login a guest, to a computer where a guest was already logged in.
  • Changed appearance in some areas to account for different system clock types.
  • Dashboard stats are now admin only.
  • Added the ability to change the colors of the two top areas in client.
  • Shop and games pages on newadmin now have instant search (per character searching).
  • Added many new items to activity tracker.
  • Changed webadmin POS categories to account for smaller resolution monitors
  • Added ability to customizable receipts for transactions (can customize in settings, printing ability coming very soon).
  • Added ability to display old admin offers/time into newadmin reports
  • Fixed bug that prevented the ability to select multiple pcs from different rooms in newadmin graphical view.
  • Fixed a display issue in graphical view for centers with many rooms.
  • Removed the “show/hide” filters button on activity tracker and now just show filters as default.
  • Fixed bug that meant activity log exports were not converting to local time.
  • Fixed refresh button in stats page.
  • Added hover over information for transactions in both client orders section, and stats section.
  • Added “session time” to activity tracker to show how long players had been logged in for when they logged out ( in hours and minutes).
  • Fixed issues related to refunds and auto-removing offers.
  • Can now refund entire transactions, or single items within a bigger transaction
  • System will now ask if user wants to return an item to stock, if a refund for product is requested.
  • Fixed a rare bug that sometimes attributed an offer to a guest account rather than a selected member account.
  • Added 1 click buttons to move payment methods for faster checkout.
  • Webadmin POS will default to “user balance” if user has enough balance for entire cart (part payment options will appear if user has balance greater than 0 but less than cart total).
  • Quicksale menu now orders items by popularity for faster transactions
  • Fixed issue that made it difficult to locate a specific problem on activity tracker because filters would reset every time user left the page (by clicking on a transaction for example).
  • Added ability for to enable/disable ability to unlock client pcs on newadmin (in employee menu, same as old admin).
  • Dashboard search menu, now prioritises username, then surname, then email address then mobile in search results.
  • Users can no longer rename the default POS categories since they are special case. (offers/snacks/prizes). New categories or subcategories should be used if required.
  • Fixed bugs relating to number of decimal places setting.
  • Added loading animation to activity tracker for large data requests.
  • Fixed all issues relating to “start of day” and “start of week” settings for reports in webadmin.
  • Added ability to see which specific offer is currently being used, in fuel gauge
  • Many improvements to PC Layout.
  • Fixed bugs relating to filtering players in activity tracker.
  • Player “time to logout” is capped to 24 hours. If player has more than 24 hours of time on his account, the client will show it as +24hours. This is due to excessive CPU calculations on TTL on accounts with vast amounts of time.
  • Fixed issue with 144hz+ display.

ggLeap Version 0.1612 June 15th 2018


  • Added extra server and messaging capacity.
  • Added center based QoS (Quality of Service).  This lowers maximum latency and improves average latency for all backend requests.
  • Overhauled logging system.  It now provides a greater level of visibility into each backend request, including structured event data.
  • All backend log events are now sent to Seq (a log aggregation, querying, monitoring and alerting system).
  • Multiple Seq dashboards and automated alerts have been configured so that we can proactively respond to unusual backend behaviour.

ggLeap Client

  • Added settings button to control panel (games/apps set to genre “settings” will appear there).
  • Fix Epic autologin (much better fix this time).
  • Fuel Gauge overhaul. Fuel gauge will now display total time, and offer breakdown
  • PC group support.
  • Added Client boot splash screen (No more “black screen”, pc boot will be much more informative process).
  • Mandatory date of birth collection at next client login for all gamers (if not already in database).
  • Created default “Time Offer” images for centers to use in Client shop:  (download here)

ggLeap Webadmin:

  • PC groups enabled. Ability for 2 modes of PC groups:
    1. Limited Offer Validity ie certain offers will only work on certain groups of  computers/consoles.
    2. % Consumption adjustments ie all offers work on all computers, but certain groups can consume offers at different speeds for example : A lower spec budget computer

Lots of small bug fixes/improvements:

  • Dashboard stats upgraded showing real-time numbers.
  • Dashboard search now searches surname, as well as username, mobile and email.
  • Can hover over client-orders and transactions to get order details.
  • Offers is now the default category when selecting shop.
  • Sorted all stats page tables from high to low.
  • Fixed a bug that meant that offers clicking “all” in offer eligibility time, selected 00:00-23:59 which meant users actually got logged out at 23:59.
  • Prepay guests now show “Time to Logout” on dashboard.
  • Activity log entries for “User logged out” now shows duration of previous session.
  • Support for small resolution monitors for webadmin improved.
  • Category graphics for POS categories have been reworked.
  • Fixed a bug where client orders were not reducing stock.
  • Client orders that were refunded now show as “refunded” in client orders section.
  • Client shop items are now sorted by type then price.
  • Fixed a bug where unselecting “available for client orders” did not remove the item from client shop.
  • Fixed a bug where prices in client did not include taxes.
  • Improved activity log behaviour.
  • Many improvements to “statistics page” (still remains focus of development).
  • Enabled “Start of Day (time)” and “Start of Week (day) “ for reporting purposes .
  • Fixed issue that occasionally caused ggLeap to operate at 1FPS.
  • Many many other very small bug fixes through the development process.

ggLeap Version 0.1511 May 31st 2018

ggLeap Documentation

Updated New-admin User documentation (including client shop documentation)

ggLeap Client

  • Added button menu bottom right corner for games/apps/shop/settings (more buttons to come).
  • Added client self service shop functionality (switched off by default, centers must request this to be turned on when they are ready to use it). See user manual
  • Fuel gauge calculation change. Fuel gauge will now show “Time till Logoff” which calculates the amount of time gamer can play for, taking into account offers which already exist on his account which may expire or become valid during his session.
  • Client boot overhaul. Faster boot times (connection to CDN rather than S3 with multiple backup connection paths).
  • Fix epic autologin.
  • Fix esea launch (and probably other apps that didn’t launch in ggleap)
  • Low time audio warnings will play only when total time is near zero

Client Shop

  • Added ability to pay for offers/products from cash on delivery or from balance.
  • Added ability to add offers directly to account with no admin intervention.
  • Added ability to view prize vault items (coin purchasing coming in next update).
  • Added ability for guest users to purchase items (cash on delivery only).
  • Added ability to add descriptions to offers to explain eligibility times to customers.
  • Added ability to filter by subcategory.

ggLeap Newadmin  (you should clear cache and CTRL + F5 to get the update)


  • Offers column now show “total time remaining” for players at a glance (on the dashboard, without having to click on the eye symbol), regardless of how many offers they have on their account, including offers that may expire or become eligible to be used in the future. It will calculate how long they can play for regardless of what offers are sitting on their account, no matter how complicated.
  • Right click menu overhaul.
  • Moved user search from right hand side to central position.
  • User search will now search name, username, email and mobile number.
  • Added shift sign-on/sign-off to top right of dashboard (if shift system is enabled in center config).

PC Groups

  • PC groups system has been deployed and is currently in testing (superadmin access only). Release imminent


  • Removed shifts button from side menu.
  • If shifts are turned on in center config, staff can sign on/sign off in top-right of dashboard.

Graphical Overview Dashboard

  • Complete overhaul of the PC layout system, with optimizations for very large centers (super responsive).
  • Graphical overview will now use the entire browser space.
  • Change lock button is no longer camouflaged by background.
  • Machines now easy-snap into position.
  • Hovering over pcs being used, give important information about the user.
  • Can drag a box to select multiple PCs to perform mass actions to perform actions on multiple pcs simultaneously.

List View Dashboard

  • Systems now order alphabetically by default.
  • Removed Mac address and client version from list view (can now be found in right click/computer menu).
  • Can select multiple PC’s with shift button or press button in top left of list view to select all/none. Can now perform actions on multiple pcs simultaneously.
  • PC list view will now extend vertically to the length of browser


  • Added POS system. Can either click shop button on left hand side (ideal for guest purchases) or right click on user, or computer used by user.
  • Added Quicksale system. Added ability to access commonly purchased items through quick-sale for faster transactions.
  • Added POS easy sale buttons. Added cashier buttons to “pay all from balance” “pay all from cash” “part pay balance/cash” (defaults to pay from balance, remainder cash).
  • Removed balance as a payment option in cart if player has zero balance.
  • Removed coins as a payment option in cart if no prizes in cart.
  • Added ability for player to overpay for items in order to put change directly onto their player balance.
  • Transactions now generate attractive receipts on purchase completion.

Client Orders

  • Added webadmin voice notification for new order.
  • Added visual notifications to alert admin of new orders.
  • Added ability for admin to process orders that require attention (for payment or delivery).
  • Added ability for orders to proceed automatically into transactions when no attention is required (payments for digital items from balance).
  • Added ability to refund/cancel orders from the client order menu.
  • Added the ability to hover over items in the client order menu to see what the order is


  • Added guest system to newadmin ( should perform exactly the same as old admin. Complete overhaul coming soon)

Activity Tracker

  • Added tracking for client purchases.
  • Added tracking for refunds.
  • Added tracking for balance payments.
  • Added tracking for item deliveries.
  • Added tracking for player deposits.
  • Added tracking for consoles login events.
  • Added tracking for when pc boots.
  • Added tracking for deleting a user.
  • Added tracking for PC/Console rename.
  • Added tracking for remote access.
  • Added tracking for timeout shutdowns.
  • Added tracking for deleting a console.
  • Added tracking for editing user information (including password reset).
  • Added tracking for how long a user played for.


  • Added ability to produce statistics over any period of time.
  • Added loading animation while data is being collected.
  • Added ability to show unique users.
  • Added ability to show new users.
  • Added ability to show account deposits.
  • Added ability to show total money spend.
  • Added ability to show total offer purchases.
  • Added ability to show total product purchases.


  • Overhaul of newadmin settings menu.
  • Added ability to set “start of day” time and “start of week” day, for reporting.
  • Added Games page.
  • Added Licenses page.
  • Added Employees page.
  • If Shifts setting is set to “none” then no request for shift sign in/out are presented.
  • Added Inventory section.


  • Added offer capability to “expire after X hours”.
  • Added ability that POS items will use parent category image if no image is specified.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed overly aggressive newadmin reminder alerts.
  • Fixed bug that meant pos items not intended to client ordering would still display there.
  • Fixed bug that meant “Finalizing Guest Session” didn’t do anything.
  • Fixed bug where a guest login with capped session length didn’t work.
  • Fixed Issue with difficulty to access users logged into consoles.
  • Fixed an issue where refunding an offer didn’t also remove it from the account.
  • Fixed an issue where only .png images could be sent to client from admin for POS.
  • Fixed an issue with auto resizing of images for POS from admin to client.
  • Fixed a bug with activity tracker that meant which caused issues in filtering data in some time zones.
  • Improved unity shop item load time.
  • Total money spent now includes deposits.
  • Client prices now include taxes (if taxes are not included in webadmin prices).
  • “Computer Utilization” stat at top is now accurate.
  • “Computers Available” stat at top is now accurate.
  • Fixed issue that allowed employees access settings menu in newadmin

ggLeap Version 0.1231 April 19th 2018

ggLeap Client

  • Fix auto link player profiles with their League of Legends account.
  • Alteration to logout hit box which was causing issues.

ggLeap Version 0.1200 April 17th 2018

ggLeap Client

  • Epic auto login fix due to Epic launcher changes.
  • Misc small fixes in preparation for May release of new features.

ggLeap Version 0.1146 March 23rd 2018

ggLeap Client

  • Updated Unity to version 2017.3.1p4 (optimized client)
  • Much faster Bnet autologin
  • Fixed issues with logout button press
  • Removed “register for leaderboard” button from League of Legends (now autolinked)
  • Fixed Epic autologin (however, Epic must be up to date)

ggLeap Admin (new)

  • Small Fixes on activity tracker
  • Lots of upgrades currently underway.

ggLeap Version 0.1102 March 13th 2018

ggLeap Client

  • Updated Unity to version 2017.3.1p3 (should fix some rare crash issues)
  • Prevent Call of Duty games from booting in “safe mode” with low resolution it caused problems with the ggLeap client
  • Improved Epic Game support and autologin

ggLeap Admin (new)

  • Added in depth Activity Tracker
  • Dashboard Layout Change to add better cohesiveness to data views and easier user search.

ggLeap Version 0.1043 February 14th 2018

ggLeap Client

  • ggLeap music is now off by default after 1st login
  • Fixed Battlenet auto login after bnet update
  • Fixed Dota ranked stats tracking
  • Fixed League auto linking issues
  • Automatically delete profiles for steam/uplay/bnet/discord/epic on logout even if player has checked the “remember me next time” button
  • Add Epic autologin support (requires upcoming webadmin patch)
  • Upgraded Unity to latest version

ggLeap Admin (old)

  • Added Support for Steam bought Uplay games (double login)
  • Fixed idle timeout machine shutdown bug
  • Fixed Offer bug that meant that offers would expire even if no expiry was specified
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a user to be logged into a console and pc at same time

ggLeap Admin (new)

  • Moved “Activity Log” to left hand menu.
  • Added ability to add “cost price” for stocked items to perform profit reports later.
  • Moved “Stock Control” into settings panel.
  • Clicking on “shop” no longer shows all inventory by default.
  • Removed “add funds” offers.
  • Added ability to right click on users to “add money” (to accounts).
  • Added ability to pay for items from balance.
  • Reshaped subcategory boxes so that they are more mobile friendly.
  • Changed layout of shop items so that name is always on top, and amount is always on bottom.
  • Added shop+quicksell to user+computer right click menu.
  • Added ability to choose whether an item should have stock-checking or not.
  • Removed ability to “add time”, instead improving the offer based system to use offers+quicksell for all common transactions.
  • Massively simplified the offer system (now only 1 offer type).
  • Daily total stat at the top of the dashboard is now working
  • Added some hover-over hints.
  • Added more currencies

*note all old Admin functionality will be moved to newadmin closer to its release

ggLeap Release 0.950 (December 21st, 2017)

ggLeap Client

  • Automatic linking of League of Legends accounts for ggCircuit stats.
  • Improved networking code that fixes rare desktop crashes with ggLeap

ggLeap Admin

  • Release of initial Point of Sale beta
  • Release of initial Inventory Management beta

ggLeap Release 0.819 (October 14th, 2017)

  • Reconnection code overhaul (computers should always reconnect to webadmin in every situation (internet disconnect, server outage etc).
  • Unity code overhaul (fixes client crash bugs that appeared in last pre-release)
  • Fixed bug where “license denied” message was not appearing when store ran out of licenses for any game
  • Added preparation code for PUF feature (coming this month)
  • Fixed a bug where the centers logo’s would disappear from the client
  • Lots of other small fixes

ggLeap Release 0.744 (September 14th, 2017)

  • Fixed an issue that was causing one of our backend services to become unstable (leading to short term system-wide failure). ggLeap service has been 100% stable since.
  • Fixed a bug where gamers were able to have their machine take more than 1 game license (by spamming launch-game, or otherwise).
  • Added ability for centers to change the logo and client colors (enterprise level feature)
  • Added ability for centers to customize content in side panels via webadmin
  • Added optimization to increase speed of pc boot (asset receiving/checking) – note, this will only be faster after the 1st boot of this update
  • Fixed a bug where “coins earned this session” wasn’t updating in side panel
  • Fixed webadmin Teamviewer remote access problems

ggLeap Client Release 0.641 (August 15th, 2017)

This has been a bug fix release.

  • Fixed crash that could happen by clicking on the view profile button
  • Fixed issue that could happen where the launch button would remain locked after starting game
  • Fixed all known uplay autologin/license management issues for many games
  • Fixed an issue with origin autologin that sometimes added an extra letter to the username
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on view profile without chrome/firefox as default browser would display a generic error message
  • Fixed an issue where staff would have to ALT+TAB to see the unlock window
  • Fixed an issue where bnet autologin wouldn’t work if there was a maintenance update message on bnet
  • Many other small fixes

ggLeap Client Release 0.497 (July 22nd, 2017)

  • Rebrandable Client (still some work to be done on webadmin so that uploading your logo to webadmin will change the client logo)
  • Minecraft autologin
  • Further improvements to bnet/uplay autologin (should be flawless now)
  • Origin/uplay/bnet games will now launch the game directly after login (instead of leaving you in lobby)
  • No-Internet escape client mechanism (you can get to desktop with no internet -ask how)
  • Game Loading animation + button lock will be synced to the game load time
  • New “view profile” button to take users directly to their ggcircuit page


  • Licenses denied message somehow how removed in previous release, it is returned.
  • Fixed a rare crash bug that would leave user at desktop

ggLeap Client Release 0.414 (June 18th, 2017)

  • Improved search bar ( will search both apps and games)
  • Leaderboards on login screen will have local,global,regional buttons
  • Leaderboards on login screen will have ggCircuit Season 6 data as part of the rotation
  • Significant improvements to battlenet and uplay autologins
  • Many small bug fixes from previous version

ggLeap Client Release 0.375 (June 7th, 2017)

  • Complete client overhaul first release

ggLeap Client Release 0.319 (April 11th, 2017)


– Fixed bug where client closed itself in extremely rare circumstances.

– Fixed issue where core and UI could become disconnected repeatedly.

– Fixed issue where IE/Firefox could become unresponsive after using the search bar shortly after launching.

– Removed context menu restriction in lockdown settings (can now right click).

– Fixed issue server-side that could cause a backlog of requests, leading to outdated information in the admin.

– Computers now restart after update to allow ggLeap to launch in shell mode again.

– Significant improvements to networking code used to connect clients to server, notably with regards reconnecting in the case of server outages, or hostname/credential changes.

– Moved most user functionality from AWS Lambda to server-based processor – improved speed and more standardized codebase.

Admin updates:

– Added ability to create license types in admin (not currently supported in client – coming soon).

– Prevented accidental double click of shift start button which could end shift immediately.

– Improved context menu’s ability to stay within the viewport when right-clicking near viewport boundaries.

– Added option for center admins to backup center-specific data from online database in JSON format.

Upgrade Release 21st March 2017


  • Faster Origin Autologin times
  • Allow batch files execution to launch games
  • Client will get new webadmin information just by logout/login rather than full machine restart
  • Continued ggCircuit Integration. Added World of Tanks and Overwatch stats retrieval (not currently being displayed)
  • Fixed issue where ggLeap would sometimes be unable to launch (reported by Kanvis)
  • Webadmin:
  • Machine Idle Shutdown timer –  (configure when pc’s should shutdown via your webadmin. Would then recommend having pc’s boot with keyboard press).
  • Added more information to guest sessions in reports

Upgrade Release 07th March 2017

Faster pc boot times. System now only checks the game images for games that you have enabled, rather than every game on our DB. This should shave a significant amount of time off boots.Fuel Gauge – Fuel gauge now shows remaining offer time. If your customer has X offer time remaining, it will show that. If he also has normal time, it will show the total of offer time+fuel gauge time. It will ignore offers that are currently invalid (ie outside of eligible times etc).Origin support – ggLeap will auto find Origin (rather than local DB setting)
Audio Alerts – Audio alerts will now play when customers are running low on offer time as well as normal time.

Windows Store – Updated UAC management to allow for Windows store games to run.

– Fixed an issue where users completing registration at a client PC wouldn’t be linkable in ggCircuit.
Licence Management – You can now see which PC is using which license, and you have the option to reset them.(also need to ctrl+F5 web browser)
Nintendo Switch support as a console type.
+ Fixed issue that could lead to incorrect user / computer info in the admin.
some small bugfixes

Upgrade Release 9th February 2017

Large Features/Improvements

  • Significant stability improvements to networking code in preparation for migration from third party messaging backend to in-house solution.

Bug Fixes/Small Improvements:

  • Low Time Warnings (Audio). Kicks in at 15m/10m/5m/1m
  • Game images are now cached for all games, downloaded/checked on client startup.
  • Double clicking the tray icon from admin mode now correctly relaunches the UI (though you’ll need to restart pc to boot into the shell)
  • Improved login failure explanations for incorrect username, invalid password, logged in on another computer.
  • Fixed a bug preventing registration at the client for users.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented remote access when at the login screen.
  • Fixed a bug which meant a refresh was required after logging in a guest in order to do so again.
  • Updated center client to allow migration from password-protected MS Access database.
  • Fix a bug when a player logged out with characters in the search box
  • Mute button now mutes all audio including the hummmm.

Upgrade Release 31st January 2017

Large Features/Improvements

  • Guest Accounts including Post-pay. You can now quickly log in guests to pc’s via the webadmin. You need to configure the hourly cost in “center config” on the left of webadmin. To log in a guest, just right click on pc and choose the options you require.
  • All guest activity is tracked in reports.
  • Integrated Teamviewer support. If you install teamviewer on your clients, you can right click on any pc on the admin and initiate “remote support”, to get teamviewer login credentials for that pc. This allows us to provide enhanced support, so if you are having an issue with a client pc, we can easily remote access that pc, and grab logs etc
  • Large overhaul of backend messaging system to allow us have more control over capacity management – no longer reliant on 3rd party service for backend messaging.
  • License pool will choose the least used license (particularly relevant for BF1 issues).
  • Large improvement to steam window management to lockdown and disable all menus and windows (including steam overlay).
  • New “double click” ggleap installer for any client (no more messing around with database files).
  • Detection of crashed or closed UI with automated relaunching (massively reducing potential black screen issues).

Bug Fixes/Small Improvements:

[Client] Mousewheel game scroll speed increased to normal/

[Client] Fixed a bug where license keys may not have been returned to the pool upon closing an Executable-based game (i.e. not steam/origin).

[WebAdmin] Added a “Force Logout” option for users who are listed as being logged into a machine which is off (due to a machine crash or forced power-off).

[WebAdmin] Fixed an issue with the webadmin occasionally missing logouts.

Upgrade Release 15th December


  • All running applications should be nuked on a logout now with a much more robust system .
  • Considerable progress with ggCircuit integration.



  • Added ability to export users to CSV. (There is now an export button if you want to email all your users for example).
  • Added shift reporting. ( Staff can now create employees, and have them log into the webadmin and record their shift duration before a report is produced).

Small bugfixes/improvements

[WebAdmin] Added confirmation on logout, including prompt to close shift if applicable.

[WebAdmin] Added prompt to start shift on login if no current shift is open.

[WebAdmin] Added ability to filter reports on type.

[Server] Fixed several issues with backend processor connections.

[WebAdmin] Fixed bug where admins were sent notifications to log users out of deleted consoles.

[WebAdmin] Improved version override system for computers and centers.

[WebAdmin] Reduced character restrictions on usernames. Now all characters except single/double quotes are valid, and usernames must be between 1 and 100 characters long.

[WebAdmin] Fixed a bug when logging in as a previously deleted and recreated employee.

[WebAdmin] Security updates to client-server messaging platform

Patch Release Tuesday 29th November


  • Hopefully solved the alt-tab issue. – this was a surprisingly difficult challenge.

Web-Admin (ctrl+F5 to get update)

  • Remote Login  You can now log in users from the admin.
  • Webadmin Computer State – Computers now report their states every 1 minute and we fixed a number of issues of misreporting.

Small bugfixes/improvements

  • Updated context menus to disable actions that are not applicable, e.g. logout on a computer with no user logged in.
  • Optimized mac address lookups so it only happens once on startup instead of every time when needed.
  • Added extra log out nuke commands for new lol client.

Patch Release: Thursday 25th November:

Changelog – ggLeap version 0.146


  • Significantly Improved Origin support . Origin GUI is actually slightly different in every region of the world, and they change it frequently. The new autologin system adapts to changes in Origin GUI and works in all regions.
  • Significantly improved the “Alt-tab” issue. Often games would “hide” after being launched and players had to alt-tab to find them. This should be a far smaller problem than before. May require a little more tweaking for a complete fix.
  • Significantly pushed forward the machine unlock system (with more work it will be released in an upcoming patch).


  • Employee accounts. You can now create limited employee accounts (further updates to come)
  • LOTS of under-the-hood improvements has taken the majority of time this week. Many updates of the ggLeap Processes:

Small bugfixes/improvements

  • Fixed a bug where a machine could enter a rename loop
  • Large update to backend infrastructure, large improvement in server responsiveness when applying updates.
  • Added close button to notifications.
  • Fixed console type icons.
  • Made console logout alerts permanent.
  • Added close button to notifications.
  • User offer counts now update more frequently (improved removal of expired offers)
  • Fixed a bug where large user list loading could silently timeout.
  • Fixed an issue where loading key pools would intermittently not work.
  • Added a “evaluation mode” variable, that allows ggleap to run with minimal security
  • Fixed issue where ggLeap would start with smaller than expected resolution
  • Updated the system to update the folder permissions of the ggLeap folder inside of program data
  • Enabled execution to continue past a read only ggLeap config database” (this caused some black screen issues).
  • Fixed some beta versions of league of legends not having their process killed at logoff.

Patch Release: Thursday 10th November:

Changelog – ggLeap version 0.123


  • Console/Non-pc Support. You can now assign non-PC devices to your center and log users into those devices. You can log multiple users into any device and there are no limits to the number of devices.
  • Ability to add parameters to game launch exe’s . If you click on any game, you will now be given the additional option to specify game parameters.


  • Large improvements to client security/lockdown . This has been significantly improved and should no longer be a major concern to most centers
  • Shell based startup. System no longer boots to desktop and no longer has a windows taskbar
  • Low time warnings for customers. Customers will be warned (via audio) when they are running out of time (at 15,10,5 and 1 minute balance)

Small bugfixes/improvements:

  • The fuel gauge no longer operates like a clock (it went back to zero if it exceeded 24 hours)
  • The bloom brightness was slightly reduced
  • The “no licenses remaining” message now appears in red if there are no valid licenses available to launch a game
  • The side panel was updated and can now display a images on a rotation
  • Ccboot issue with regard to updating the master client has been patched


  • Large improvements to client security/lockdown. This has been significantly improved and should no longer be a major concern to most centers.
  • Shell based startup. System no longer boots to desktop and no longer has a windows taskbar.
  • Low time warnings for customers. Customers will be warned (via audio) when they are running out of time (at 15,10, 5 and 1 minute balance).
  • Resolution change patch. Clients should now be significantly better at handling changes in resolution (no more misaligned ggLeap after some game exits).

Small bugfixes/improvements

  • The fuel gauge no longer operates like a clock (it went back to zero if it exceeded 24 hours).
  • NTP clock synchronization now happens in a background thread and doesn’t block while ggLeap is launching.  This improves ggLeap load times in a large number of cases.
  • Admin mode now brings back the taskbar, start menu, desktop, etc.
  • The bloom brightness was slightly reduced.
  • The “no licenses remaining” message now appears in red if there are no valid licenses available to launch a game.
  • If a user is logged in while an admin uses to restart or shutdown the machine, the user’s session is now correctly ended immediately, opposed to waiting for their session to timeout.
  • The side panel was updated and can now display a images on a rotation.
  • Ccboot issue with regard to updating the master client has been patched.
  • Fixed an issue when logging in as a username that was deleted and recreated.
  • Improved how windows are brought to the foreground or put to into the background.
  • System now auto-elevates (windows permissions when required) – no need to run “ClientInterface.admin.exe”. “Clientinterface.exe” should now always be used to launch ggLeap.

Patch Release : Tuesday 1st November:

Changelog – ggLeap version 0.104


  • Smartlaunch Migration Tool. Centers can now request their users be ported over to ggLeap so that they can log into systems with the same details. This is done through ggcircuit, so centers need to install ggcircuit on their SL server machine and request a ggleap migration.
  • Ability to Add/Remove time or offers. A critical feature that was missing.
  • Improved Computer States. There were some problems with the webadmin when computers got reset or powered off while players were still logged in.Computers should now more accurately report their current state regardless of connection.

Small bugfixes/improvements


  • You can now rename pc’s from the webadmin.
  • Webadmin will now show mac addresses for each pc.
  • Removed offer version warning.
  • Added save, save and add offer, save and add time buttons to new user form.
  • Added time used and user breakdown to reports.
  • Added ability to add time from computers screen.
  • Usernames are now only unique within a center, email addresses are globally unique.
  • Added Origin key type.
  • Fixed bug where server error messages disappeared instantly.
  • Added offer count to computer listings.
  • Ability to import users from a ggCircuit center previously using another platform.


  • Full Diskless support. ggLeap now fully supports all diskless software. Detection via mac-address and stored in the cloud. This took significantly more time than we expected.
  • Some Improvements to client security/lockdown. We were not able to do everything we wanted to do in time for today’s patch. Will be top priority for next patch.  

Small bugfixes/improvements

  • Removed any leading whitespace in username entry (trim) i.e players can still login even if they pressed space before/after their name.
  • Formatting a pc will no longer affect ggLeap settings.
  • Version Number and MachineID now show when machine loads.
  • Origin Window Handing vastly improved.
  • Origin multilingual support.
  • Steam login prompt automimises once game start in certain instances.
  • Improved key management for global keys (unused keys timeout faster – more available).
  • Version Updater is now aware of which version of ggleap is running (admin or non-admin).
  • Smoother Handling of launchers auto-updating themselves (Steam / Origin / Battlenet).
  • Added overwatch to the logout autokill master list.