We are a grassroots movement to provide better management software for esports centers, cybercafes, universities and LAN centers. We do this through state of the art software that is flexible in it’s use, and providing a different gaming experience than your customers can get at home.

The ggLeap team were at once all LAN center owners/managers and have been involved with esports one way or another since the early 2000’s. Our many years of experience in all of the things we do make us experts in providing software and guiding centers on how to avoid pitfalls and brick walls.

Since 2008, we have provided nationwide tournaments through our ggCircuit competition system. In 2013, we evolved ggCircuit into a global competition and reward system through LAN centers around the world. In 2016 we developed our first version of ggLeap esports center management software. This brought both the world of center management software, global competition, and prize redemption all into one package.

We strive to automate the technical side of running game centers, university arenas and esports venues so that owners and managers can concentrate on growing their businesses.. We give the ability for your gaming customers to compete at a local, regional or global level automatically through coin accumulation and scheduled esports events again removes that from an owner’s plate. We are just scratching the surface through our software and can’t wait for you to grow with us.


  • Zack Johnson
    Zack Johnson Chief Executive Officer

    Founder of ggCircuit and ggLeap. Started eBash Video Game Center in 2004. Has worked with all major competitive gaming leagues.

  • Chris Magee
    Chris Magee Chief Technology Officer

    Lead developer of ggLeap and ggCircuit. Founder of GAMETHEWORLD in the UK. Over 15 years in the LAN center business.

  • Mark Nielsen
    Mark Nielsen Chief Marketing Officer

    Founder at iGames Inc. Over 15 years in the LAN center business.

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