Reaching Your Customers During A Pandemic

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The pandemic has changed a lot of strategies for LAN centers in keeping their customers engaged. It is still unknown whether or not LAN Center life will be back to normal depending on how things swing in the next few months.

The purpose of this post is to provide information on how to keep connected with your customers, and how to go about it.

The lockdown gave us a huge punch in the gut with our in-person facilities. We are installed at 800 locations globally and when the lockdown started we went from seeing 25k players a day to just over 1,000. We lost 98% of our foot traffic.

Pandemic Graph

Immediately we pivoted to what we call our AtHome client. This was released in April 2020. This provided a way for brick and mortar locations to keep their customers connected and involved. Players could now connect from home, play games like they normally would, and compete in esports stat challenges & automated competitions.

Within a week, we had over 100 locations and 5,000 players connected and participating in our PC esports AtHome events. I want to be clear that this IS NOT a tournament bracket system. We have built a secured PC application where players login, esports stats are automatically tracked, have casual competitions, and players can play at whatever level they feel comfortable. It takes little effort on your part and does not require staff to manage.

Since the initial influx of AtHome gamers and partial location reopenings in May, we’ve been encouraged that our player numbers have started to climb back up quickly.

Player recovery since May

Here’s how the AtHome client works…

Utilize AtHome through your ggLeap subscription
This is setup by our staff and takes about 5 minutes. It is a cloud based administrator you can access from anywhere. You will then have access to all related functions for AtHome.

Brand the application
Add your logo(s) and colors to make the application your own. Doing so will brand both the application and create a website where players can login and download the AtHome client.

Home Screen of the AtHome Client

Invite your customers to participate
Send single invites, or share a link with your students. Students then sign up, download and install the client.

Players start casual play from home
Once installed players play like normal from home. Statistics for top esports titles are automatically tracked.

Automatic Stat Tracking
Through our experience with LAN centers we want to provide casual competition. Our AtHome client tracks stats for Apex Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG, Team Fight Tactics & Valorant. More games will be added throughout 2020.

Create local challenges and participate in global challenges
With our ability to do stat tracking we also allow you to create local challenges for gamers to participate just within your server. You can create challenges that are included for a specific date range, based on a specific game stat and much more. ggCircuit as a company also provides global challenges where they can take on all participating players throughout the world. The players then have the option to “opt-in” to any available challenge.

Fortnite Kills Challenge

Local and global leaderboards
Recognize your player’s esports accomplishments through our leaderboard system. You can see how your gamers measure up overall or in a specific game. You can also see how they fare globally or can filter down based on your location. A great way to keep players motivated in continuing to play, spicing up your social media, or providing prizes/incentives for them doing well.

Esports Leader Boards

Send notifications directly to your players
Need to update your customers on new challenges, prizes, or upcoming events? You have the ability to create notifications through your web admin that they can see when they open a client. You can send messages to all or select players.

Utilize data tracked to evaluate esports talent
We are grabbing a lot of data as far as gaming is concerned. If you are an esports coach or club this may be a great way to evaluate their stats for positions on your competitive teams and much more.

We’re already developing for the next phase of this app with some really exciting features in the fall.

We hope you see this as an avenue to keep players engaged even when they aren’t there. Esports is a huge wave coming fast and students want a campus that supports it. This could be a great way for you to see what kind of response it resonates with your players while they can’t be in your location.

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