First Team Fight Tactics nationwide event with $25k in prizes

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In conjunction with our friends at Riot Games and HP Omen, ggLeap is excited to bring a first of it’s kind Team Fight Tactics event to all North America esports center players. This event contains $25,000 total in prizing and continues every Tuesday through the month of September. 

Team Fight Tactics event all September long!

Confirmed by the official Riot blog, at the end of four weeks the top 64 players from US and Canada, based on their combined score of their top 20 games played at any time during the heats, will be identified and move forward to a final tournament event September 28th & 29th.

Team Fight Tactics Stat Tracking

The first piece of this event is revealing that through our player site, ggChampions, we are now tracking Team Fight Tactics stats. This is a part of our ongoing commitment of providing more and more games that are automatically tracked through ggLeap. There are weekly leaderboards specific for the event that will track on only event days as well as a regular leaderboard for all regions that run ggLeap in their esports center.

Players earn stats based on games played, wins, top 4 placements and based on the level of competition they are playing at plus the stats they’ve earned.

How do players play?

Players must show up to a participating ggLeap esports center to be eligible for prizes. The tournament is free, but you are required to pay the hourly rate of the esports center location.

Once logged in to ggLeap all a player has to do is play matches of Team Fight Tactics. Statistics will be automatically tracked as they continue to play. That’s it! Easy breezy!

A player DOES NOT need to attend every Tuesday to win prizes. They need to play 5 matches each week to be eligible for the weekly prizes and 20 matches overall to be eligible for the final tournament. A player could easily attend two of the four weeks and get 20 matches in.

What prizes are available?

There are two types of prizes available, weekly and overall.

Each weekly event takes the total score of the top 5 games from each player. The top four places will earn Riot points on a weekly basis (5000, 2500, 1000 and 500 respectively).

TFT Weekly Leaderboard with Riot points as prizes
TFT Weekly Leaderboard with Riot points as prizes

The top 8 finalists will win a full HP Omen gaming setup worth $3,000 each. We’re talking PC, monitor, headset, keyboard and mouse the whole she-bang!

Why On a Tuesday?

Our ultimate goal at ggLeap is to get players coming back to centers. Not only that but to fill locations on days that don’t normally do a lot of business. This is why we’ve chosen a weekday for esports centers to put players in seats on a day that was not the weekend.

How do I make my center eligible?

Our list of current participating centers is here. If you are a ggLeap subscriber and have not seen our avenues of communication, you may send an email here to request participation in the event.

Where can I get more information?

Check out the event information page for the event rules, FAQ, and participating center list. You can follow along with the overall competition and weekly winners by checking out the event leaderboard.

Another awesome, automated stat tracking event from ggLeap. Our company is constantly working with game publisher partners providing unique offerings our esports center customers and their players.

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