Design Overhaul Produces New ggLeap User Interface

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Over the past few years we have built ggLeap from the ground up. This grassroots movement meant that we bootstrapped the initial design based on the talents of our team. Although our ggLeap user interface design was decent, it left much to be desired. When our customer base caught fire we then began to plan for the next user interface theme and how we can make a great product even better.

The basic idea behind redesigning ggCircuit’s flagship software, ggLeap was a to make it cleaner, faster and modern. But to improve upon something already pretty amazing was no small feat… Here’s how we did it….

ggLeap old design versus ggLeap new design

The ggLeap User Interface

Although the previous version of the client’s design worked great and was loved by many of our clients, it was definitely a design set in concepts of the 90’s to mid 2000’s where skeuomorphism was the word of the day and having dark, metallic heavy objects powered by hydraulics with a lot of smoke effects was what worked well then. This harks back to design philosophies followed by Quake, Doom, Unreal etc. and while all these effects certainly looked cool, they definitely take some horsepower to run and added bulk to the software.

Gamers mainly frequent sites & apps like Twitch, Discord, Steam, etc. Hence it was decided to give ggLeap a unique design but with some similarity.

The new theme was meant to be something sleek, snappy, crisp and bright. It would be light on its feet and quick to get stuff done. It also had to work with present design languages and incorporate the loads of brilliant new features that ggCircuit has and will be rolling out soon.

ggLeap new user interface

The ggLeap Web Admin 

Redesigning the ggLeap Web Admin was another thing entirely. Here was a software that couldn’t look too glitzy yet had to be pleasing and relaxing enough to look at and work on for long hours. The whole point of the web admin is to get tasks done and while the older version definitely excelled at that, it had to be refreshed to look sleek, clean and of course fit within our new ggCircuit brand design language.

New design for the ggLeap web administrator

We continue to look forward to more improvements and awesome features we have in store for the ggLeap user interface. As always, our goal is to help LAN centers keep their players coming back through customer rewards, prizes, stat tracking and unique events. We will continue that mission.

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