Fortnite Stat Tracking Sets ggLeap Apart

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The current darling of esports, Fortnite, has attracted more new players than perhaps any other property before it and it is presenting unique challenges for esports center operators. Namely, how to accommodate Fortnite stat tracking in a way that makes sense, is cost effective, and gives players the information that they need. 

Towards that end, ggLeap from ggCircuit is an absolutely invaluable software tool for esports centers running Fortnite as it is the world’s first-ever esports management software that automatically tracks player stats making it a must-have for admins and their teams seeking to provide players a cutting-edge, unique experience. ggLeap not only helps the esports center owner set their location apart from the competition but it also helps them provide esports athletes with invaluable services as both budding and veteran pro gamers. 

ggchampions Fortnite stat tracking
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ggLeap is not only the first management software to track Fortnite stat tracking but also it does so for many Fortnite game modes. Solo, Duo, Arena and Squad matches with all of the relevant player data are available immediately on our player site ggChampions once the player character returns to the in-game lobby. 

How this gives an esports center owner the edge over others is that it provides clients with that critical information that they need to analyze to improve their game. Yet that’s not all that ggLeap does for center owners. 

Fortnite leaderboard in ggLeap user interface.

ggLeap also takes advantage of the communal atmosphere of an esports center by allowing others to see and evaluate another player’s stats and offer input that might improve that player’s game. Beyond that, however, it also gives the esports center owner another way to offer creative stat challenges for Fortnite players to attract crowds on a regular basis. In a crowded market where every advantage helps, esports center owners really can’t ignore something that gives them the chance to incentivize repeat attendance, and ggLeap does just that through robust but meaningful stats from Fortnite matches. 

Stats are displayed through both the well-designed, clean user interface and also through the slider – a scrolling leaderboard that recalls the top-score screens on arcade machines back in the day. The slider is probably the best way for esports center owners to display match information to a large group of people and it makes it clear to read and easy to understand. The leaderboards help players gain a sense of their abilities on both a local and global level, making them absolutely invaluable to athletes at the beginning of their careers.  

Esports center owners that are looking for a cheap, cost effective way to offer players a unique experience should consider the unique benefits ggLeap offers and look at the easy ways it can be integrated into their operations on an ongoing basis. 

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