One Way to GROW Your Esports Contact List

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We wanted to put together a video here on how to grow your Esports contact list. Now I’m no marketing expert, but I know enough to be dangerous, and recently we had some success with an ad, and I wanted to discuss what we did to get 350 new people onto our Esports contact list with a couple of software tools and a few marketing dollars.

Rule Numero Uno: Have Great Content

None of this would be successful without great content. That’s a number one. As a LAN center you’re always vying for the attention of people in your area. Marketing dollars often don’t come quickly or at all and you’re often skimping on marketing and relying on word of mouth to get people in your door.

When you do do marketing, you’re doing this to garner interest of the people in your region and this mainly comes from marketing an Esports tournament, lock-ins, birthday parties, a special event, or some sort of special promotion going on in your center.

Using The ManyChat and Facebook Ads Combo

The two software tools I’m going to talk about are ManyChat and Facebook Ads. To start, ManyChat, you can get free trial, but for 500 people on your list it’s just $10 a month. And when I say 500 people, that’s 500 people actually subscribing to your Facebook inbox, not necessarily fans of your page. It’s a bot system that is pretty intricate but it’s very easy to use. It’s a great tool and it’s gonna become critical into keeping these people onto our contact list.

Second is Facebook Ads. There’s a gajillion amount of information out there on Facebook Ads and it’s always changing so in this time and place, this is what we did to get people on to our contact list. You can do a lot of cool stuff with Facebook Ads, includes specific targeting for your region, age, type of person, their interests, so on and so forth.

Again, I’m gonna talk about a specific ad that we did in January. We ran a two-day Facebook Ad for a huge Fortnite tournament that we were doing. And the key element that we did with this ad campaign is we chose the messages feature. So in taking a look at the ad, you can see that the message button is in the bottom right and this allows someone to directly contact you and your Facebook business page.

Your Esports Contact List Will Grow

We spent $250 on this ad. Now I’m not saying you have to spend even close to that. I did a test this morning where I just used $5 to create an ad and see what kind of response I’m gonna get. Now while this messages thing may seem like some sort of gimmick, we’ve done multiple tests with this option and we get way more traffic and actual response from people versus just likes or comments on to a social media post.

If we take a look at what happens when someone clicks on that message button, the user gets a option to choose like three different response options. This is key for that user to respond because without them responding, they don’t go into our contact list on ManyChat and we’ll talk about that here in a second.

Here is why ManyChat is critical to the equation. So with every person that responds, it goes into our Facebook business page inbox and it immediately adds that person’s Facebook profile and contact information into our ManyChat. And when I say contact information, I just mean their Facebook profile and how we can connect directly to them via Facebook Messenger.

As an example of that growth, we were able to garner those people from Facebook into an email chat and ManyChat allows you to broadcast messages to everybody that they have tracked that responded to your Facebook Ad or just contacted you in your Facebook page inbox. So a month later we did a test sending out a broadcast through ManyChat to all of those people that signed up for information about our Fortnite tournament in January, and in February this broadcast that we sent out had a 77% open rate.

Bullet Point Summary

That’s pretty much it. It’s a quick way to grow interest and contacts that you can reach out to later

  1. You have to have great content
  2. Create a ManyChat account and connect that to your Facebook business page.
  3. Create a Facebook Ad campaign with the messages option, and then connections that respond to that ad via your Facebook inbox become part of your ManyChat list
  4. You can send out a broadcast message later at great open rate.

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