ggLeap Introduces Reseller Program

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Our most recent esports and LAN center show discussed our 2018 year in review and the beginnings of our reseller program for ggLeap.

Excerpt about the Reseller Program

What we’re doing with the reseller program is providing an opportunity for people in countries outside of the United States to offer ggLeap in their country, in their culture, in their language. A reseller will be provided a discount to purchase bulk credits, and a credit is one PC per month for centers who want to purchase ggLeap. The reseller’s opportunity there is to sell ggLeap to centers in their country, depending on their market, and to profit from being involved with the ggCircuit network.

We have started to reach out to select people, and criteria has been customers that really utilize ggLeap, and seeing what their market is in their country. Is it worth it for them to be a reseller. Some invitations have been sent out, and we’re working through that right now. I think what we are trying to do for a reseller is not only saying, “Hey, you’re a reseller now, good luck selling ggLeap in your country,” but we are providing them sales leads. They’re going to need to do the bulk of the work, but we are helping them, in some regards, to get leads to reach out to, and to get some practice.

Depending on your market, that could be a good profit area for you, if that’s something you’re interested in. Most of all a reseller should not afraid of competition, because there are some countries, their centers just hate each other, and so you have to have an attitude that we have, that we want to bring everybody together in one network. As you come into our network with a large scale entity the benefits will trickle down to everybody. As we continue to shower players with prizes and events and incentives players will come to your location over the competition.

I think, as a specific example, and we’ve had this relationship for about a little over a year now with a reseller in Lebanon. I didn’t look at the numbers today, but I want to say somewhere between 30 and 50 centers he has brought on board as a reseller. So if your market has a LAN center or a internet café on every street corner, which, I’ve done some traveling, I know that to be true, that could be a good boon for you.

The process of becoming a reseller is really easy. We have done development to build a reseller website, where once you are an approved and contracted reseller, you can go out there and buy bulk credits, you can create your own centers, which was just added yesterday, you can apply your credit to those centers, and our subscription system, if they’re using credits, just utilizes their credits for their monthly bill.

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