Esports “State of the Industry” Echoes ggCircuit Growth

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It’s an obvious fact the the world of esports is booming. Everyday articles are predicting that esports revenue will hit over a billion dollars by the end of 2019. At ggCircuit, we have built a report that updates the state of the industry within our esports center ecosystem.

Location Growth Through Esports State of the Industry

When it comes to esports locations, the proof is in the pudding. The last six months we have had over 70 locations sign up to trial ggLeap each month and over 65% of those continue the license while another 15% are just waiting to open their stores. Multi-location chains such as Esports Arena and GameWorks have begun to fuel that growth. However, the global increase of independent owners can’t be discounted. Even though the boon of esports is in its infancy, entrepreneurs are hunkering down and ready to ride the wave through social gaming experiences.

esports state of the industry center and player growth
ggCircuit Growth in LAN centers and players over time.

Screens Installed & Console Growth

A unique stat that we see through our network is the number of screens installed. These are unique screens that are actively connected to our AWS hosted servers. We are directly reaching the esports demographic, and tens of thousands of players are accessing these machines each day. A big milestone of 10,000 active screens was reached in November of 2018.

The growth of consoles installed in these esports venues is also encouraging. Although a much less significant number of connected PC systems, consoles remain an important accessory for esports centers depending on age range and the economics of a geographic area.

esports state of the industry PC and console growth
PCs with the ggLeap client installed and location consoles utilized.

Tracking Game Popularity

Game popularity is tracked over the last three months within the ggCircuit network. This is based on ACTUAL launches of games from logged in players at a ggLeap location. It is interesting to see over time how games become popular and take over the top spot. While you may be looking for Apex Legends data, at this time (March 2019), it has less than one month of time since launch, but already nearing the top 10 for the last 3 months. What we find interesting is old classics such as Left For Dead 2 and Counterstrike 1.6 still popular amongst dedicated fans.

esports state of the industry popular games played over time

It’s enjoyable to see the growth and popularity of our ggLeap software and to provide insightful data to those interested in creating an esports destination. We look forward to building upon this initial release an providing more insightful business data around what is happening in the ggCircuit network.

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