ggCircuit & GYO Announce First Global Esports Skills Combine

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ggCircuit has partnered with Harena Data and their GYO Esports Sabermetrics and Data Analytics platform to announce a first of it’s kind global esports skills combine from March 1-10, 2019. This will allow the ggCircuit network of global locations to become recruiting hubs and scouting locations through these quarterly events.

This partnership benefits both pro esports organizations and colleges by finding up-and-coming players who show true talent and raw potential.  In addition to this, it allows ggCircuit to continue their tradition of bringing opportunities and incentives to players and customers alike which encourages continued participation at ggCircuit center locations.

GYO global esports skills combine
Get closer to the pros with the GYO global esports combine.

Ready to GYO?

The GYO platform relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence to track past performance and to predict future success. The data tracked as you play will be matched up with data baselines of both pro teams looking to recruit as well as colleges and universities looking to find their next players to provide possible scholarships.

With the integration of GYO and ggCircuit, the platform will be constantly monitoring play that happens within centers anonymously.  Once strong play is detected, notifications are immediately sent to the players making them aware that their gameplay statistics have potentially made them eligible for esports scholarships, pro invites, and more.

Think of the GYO platform a lot like a farm system for esports. It curates esports skill and talent statistics and provides a true pathway for players to pursuit their dream of esports stardom. Finally, there is a path to the pros.  It truly is a first of its kind.

What games will be tracked?

As GYO is in beta, they already have immediate reporting for some games and other games are in progress. You can see a list of supported games on their website. For this first COMBINE event, League of Legends, PUBG, Smite and Paladins have full support. Rocket League, Fortnite, and Overwatch will also be tracked, but that data will be provided post the event once the data integrations have been completed.

There is always an outside chance that other games could be included depending on any new developments.

What are the benefits of the Global Esports Skills Combine?

Like the majority of our events and incentives, the ggCircuit team has partnered with GYO to allow the ability for players to get to our locations to participate in something they otherwise could not do at home. These incentives will allow players will be provided an amazing opportunity to become closer to esports pros or gain a scholarship. As a center owner you are able to provide this opportunity to your existing players as well as encourage new players to come through your doors to participate with their peers.

We can’t wait for this event in early March and truly believe it will be a game changer for aspiring esports players.

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