First Turnkey Esports Solution Revealed at IAAPA

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Orlando, FL – ggLeapCreative Works have partnered to deliver a first of its kind solution for a complete turnkey esports solution. Their Game Up Esports attraction was revealed at the 100th IAAPA (The International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions) along with other Creative Works offerings November 13th through the 16th at the Orange County Convention center. This turnkey esports solution is a no-brainer for FECs (Family Entertainment Chains) or startup esports locations to quickly get up and running with all facets included.

Esports Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Esports Solution is a Game Changer

The release of this esports attraction means bringing esports to the masses & provides everything that you would need in regards to setting up esports to get your doors open within a one week period.

Creative Works has put forward thinking and great planning into the commercial design of their setups. Each LED lit desk will have up to 10 players (5 on each side). Their minimum package is two desks (20 stations) with the complete package details below. They have taken great care to make it look clean, sturdy, yet attractive to any esports player and simple installation into an FEC.

Creative works VP of sales, Russ Van Atta, stated, “We’re so excited to be working the ggLeap to provide a seamless Esports package for our LBE clients. Our clients will have the convenience and efficiencies from this setup unlike anywhere else. From exclusive features on game titles to world-wide tournament access, and autonomous system maintenance – Game Up will be a powerhouse for those looking to add it to their attractions mix.”

Creative Works are already the experts in providing VR setups with their Hologate entry (voted best new product at IAAPA 2018), laser tag setups, escape rooms, and much more directly at their Indiana corporate warehouse. Being able to partner with a leading edge esports management system like ggLeap looks to be a perfect relationship.

Jason McIntosh of the ggLeap team said, “We’ve really waited a long time to find the right partner to be able to couple our esports management software with the right physical setup in one package. Having sourced everything ourselves in our locations over the years the ability to have everything all in one and set up in three days is priceless.”

iaapa creative works game up

What’s Included in the Game Up Esports Package

The Game Up turnkey esports solution will include the following (minimum 20 station package):

  • Two commercial grade LED lit desks (RGB lighting on two table sections)
    • Monitor mounts.
    • Two large screen TV mounts.
    • Hidden panels within the base to hold hardware.
    • Air venting and cooling.
    • Troughs and drops for cable management.
  • Twenty leading-edge PCs created for diskless PXE environment.
  • PXE boot server for software and game updates.
  • High-end keyboard and mouse peripheral for all stations.
  • 55” big screen TVs to show leaderboard and esports content.
  • Library of game titles to be utilized through ggLeap.
  • One year subscription of ggLeap software.
  • Ergonomic gaming chairs for each station.

Price: $129,484 MSRP

The Game Up Esports Attraction provides an option of having an on-site setup team to complete the installation within a three-day time frame once the delivery date has been decided.

After the initial year, there will be a $200 license fee per station to provide the latest game licenses along with the software licensing fees for ggLeap. Example: 20 stations would be $4000 per year after the first year.

In regards to the stations, you are not just limited to 20. If you want to add more stations, each desk would add 10 more stations to your total. For sales inquiries regarding the Game Up Esports attraction, please contact Russ Van Natta,

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