MINImax Tinyverse Now Available On ggLeap

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Happy holidays! It’s that wonderful time of year and MINImax is here to add to the festivities. The MINImax Tinyverse beta is now live until November 26th and has been added as a title to our global license pools and game promotions. ggLeap customers can now be a participant in the beta for free at their local LAN center. Adding MINImax Tinyverse to our ever-growing list of promotional games provides ggLeap customers a chance to experience new titles and give more to their customers at no cost to them.


MINImax Tinyverse Game Details

In MINImax Tinyverse you’ll lead 1v1 battles between tiny armies led by a powerful champion with unique skills and attributes, and supported by a wide range of troopers who fight alongside you and your Champion.

Use your legion of tiny beings to crush the enemy force help your realm achieve the final victory!

Facilitate the advance of your allies in MINImax Tinyverse by building a ramp or destroying walls, trees, and other obstacles, or dynamically change the playing field to stop your enemies march by building a crayon wall and setting it on fire, or by freezing, polluting or electrifying the water. You can even shift day and night for a limited time to reduce your enemies’ range of vision, and grant your team special day and night blessings.

MINImax Tinyverse was developed & published by O’olBlue Inc. The game is in open beta for a limited time before the game is fully released.


MINImax Tinyvese CURATORS Recommendations

“Cool and innovative indie MOBA game. Try out the free Beta while you can! It is actually very fun.”



You must be a “Pro” subscriber or higher or have created a subscription under our new $5 per PC pricing. To access the game go to Settings -> Games and check both “Enabled” and “Use Automatic License System”. On the next restart of your PCs the game will become available and on launch, ggLeap will allow you to install the game.

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