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On this week’s ggCircuit esports and LAN center show we’re in between two conventions. We just returned from the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. This was our second trip there talking mostly with casinos about how to implement esports and esports competitions. Secondly we discuss our upcoming trip to IAPPA in Orlando where we will be supporting Creative Works’ new esports attraction called Game Up. A turnkey esports solution.

Other topics in this episode discuss the partnership between Esports Arena & WalMart with the release of their OverPowered gaming PCs. We also talk about the data we are seeing over the last three months and the incredible retention number trends through locations in the ggLeap network.

Esports Player Retention Transcript

The following is a partial transcript from the show where we are discussing esports player retention in a LAN center environment and the related data we are tracking through the ggLeap network:

If you are driving a hundred new players for an activation store. Your store’s job then is, how do I get those people back?

Here’s a statistic that everybody will think is pretty crazy, but just looking, at this data across our network. So we’re adding 50 to 60,000 brand new players in our network every month, okay? So let’s just say 50,000. It’s just going up exponentially, it’s really crazy and cool. But let’s just say 50,000.

So 50,000 brand new players have registered an account at ggCircuit Centers around the world. 50,000 every month. How many of those come back after that? So what I do, is I really care about a 90 day active number. So how many players are active in a 90 day period? In our network last month it was 204,000 active players in 90 days. And again, I’m not afraid to share all these numbers because I think they’re cool and awesome and it really paints a better picture.

This month we had 223,000 active players the last 90 days. So you say to yourself, well, we added 50,000 new ones, but our active players over 90 days didn’t go up that much. However, what I do, and I’m like a spreadsheet numbers junkie, I look and I dig into that and I wanna know out of those growth numbers over those two months, what’s the churn? How many were stop and pops and we didn’t see them again, and how many were actually staying? We actually are going up in our entire network.

So we had about 24% retention of new players in September, we’re up to 31% of retention of new players in October. And that’s really a humongous jump, if you think about it. So one out of every three players that shows up in a center comes back at least a second time, in that 90 day period after the 30 day period where they first joined.

So that’s our job at centers, is having reasons and things going on that brings those players back a second time after that first time the visit your store. So, 50,000 new people come in to our network every month. Our overall 90 day growth was 22,000 or whatever that difference is, but it was like a 31% retention rate. That is a great number and great news for our industry that we’re not just bringing in people one time for a birthday party, we don’t see them again.

We’re bringing players in that are coming back beyond a 30 day window. Now, we could look at giant numbers and it looks real inflated and I hate that. So we’ve had over 700,000 players in our network over all time. Again, a lot of our investors and partners want to look at that number, and that’s not a fair number. A fair number, for me, especially when I talk to Epic and Fortnite is how many players can we expect for the next Fortnite event that we’re getting ready to announce in the next week?

Well, it depends on how many active players we’ve had in the last 90 days. To me, that is the pool of players that we represent.

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