Redeem Esports Prizes Directly Through ggLeap Client

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ggLeap is happy to announce the latest global version 0.2411. There is a HUGE amount of changes and improvements both to the ggLeap client and the web administrator. The biggest of those is the add on to the ggLeap client shop where customers can now redeem esports prizes with their ggCircuit coins. Employees will no longer need to be involved for customers to receive these perks.

Ability to Redeem Esports Prizes

In the video above you will see how to create prizes within the web administrator and then how to make them available to your customers. You can make anything a prize and have complete control over the coin cost for all prize you make available in the client. Over the next few months the global prize vault will return with even more prizes that you can promote at no cost to you.

ggLeap Client Updates

ggLeap Webadmin Updates


Lots of small bug fixes/improvements:

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