Global Fortnite Event A Huge Success

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Over the weekend of Sept. 21st – 23rd, 2018 the ggCircuit team executed a massive global Fortnite event for all ggLeap customers. Over 60 matches were played in both solo and duo events between the two days. $10,000 in prizes were awarded to players to 65 locations around the world. It was an exclusive event as the ggCircuit events team was provided private server access to create competitions in different regions.

By The Numbers

3,100 players participated
65 independent locations
5 continents
$10,000 awarded in prizes

Fortnite Tournament Results

Event Information

The Rundown

ggCircuit began this event with one thing in mind, connecting as many players and centers across the world as possible. We set out initially to hit a humble amount of players and ended up smashing our dream stretch goal days in advance of the tournament’s inaugural match. This event brought together over 65 Lan Centers, across four regions and five continents. ggCircuit was granted access to Fortnite private servers (one of the only companies to get this honor) and turned this global juggernaut of a game into something we could all share together for fun…and cash prizes!

Two sets of tournaments were ran -solos and duos- over the course of two days (60 matches total!). The reception was amazing, the competitiveness was on point and the matches transitioned into one another almost seamlessly. The large majority of matches that we ran were at a respectable occupancy with a large variety of not only very skilled players, but also casual ones just there to have a good time. When we set out to do events, we want to create an environment where you don’t need to be number one in the world to participate–we strive to be inclusive to players of all skill levels. Tournaments like these are not only good for the gg brand, but also every center involved is able to build a reputation for participating in a large global Fortnite event; a true win-win.

Tournament Process

The Plan

This event took the entire force of our events staff to plan and prepare for. ggCircuit began with a proposal that detailed out what we intended to accomplish with this event and received approval for the event. ggCircuit knew we wanted as many centers participating as possible and we knew we wanted the event to be free for players to participate in, but how? With that question in mind, we began laying out the cost structure for centers to participate. We decided on making the entry fee low and to allow centers to reserve multiple time slots that they could fill with their customers.

Some of the participants for the Global Fortnite Event

Some of the participants for the Global Fortnite Event


The next step, albeit not the most exciting one, was to schedule out all of the matches to correspond with their respective global regions. Two private servers were provided for the event, with our staff administrating the events and organizing centers could run matches every thirty minutes. Time differences were factored in and time slots were created for which would work best. Now that we had a schedule created, it was time to create those as products to be reserved by centers.

The Webpage and Product Creation

Once regional competitions and time slots were created we then began the process of creating the reservation and e-commerce store to allow centers to reserve player slots. While this was a large amount of work on the event staff it was seamless for the center owners to grab the slots they needed, but they sold like hot cakes.


This next step is pretty straight forward, but immensely important. Creating a Discord channel that would allow for questions and answered to be delved out in equally explosive amounts. Having open communication and a fast response time is paramount when trying to host tournaments of this size. The biggest distinction that was created was a channel for both center questions and player questions.


Once we had all of the steps in place for the tournament registration, we were able to advertise and announce the tournament on social media platforms. Facebook marketing was just one of the many tools we used to get the word out about this event. With the popularity of Fortnite and gamers hungry for legit competition, this was an easy sell to drive players to ggLeap locations.

Codes Codes Codes

Our development team created an automation system to verify the player had registered for the server they were playing in. A system was created to reserve certain number of codes for each time slot, that were then cross referenced with the player and delivered via Discord direct messages for verification. This proved to be very successful to get the right players in at the right time and a verification system that could be trusted. The next event will provide an even more foolproof method.



The tournaments ran at all hours of the night and day, so some graveyard shifts were definitely being utilized. The ggCircuit team is dedicated to providing all of our customers round the clock support and events. We are passionate about what we do!


With all of the preparations, the actual execution of the tournament was pretty simplistic. Watch each match like a hawk, record the matches and victors. There were of course some variables involved with start times and delayed matches, but overall the process went pretty smoothly.

Prize Redemption Form

Once the tournament had completed, we needed a way for players to redeem their winnings. We settled on creating a simple form for players to fill out with their centers and what placement they achieved. With this information at our hands, we cross referenced the information that we captured at the end of each match to make sure that it corresponded with the winner details that we had. This created a quick and simple way to award players their winnings and keep it organized for our record keeping.

Post Tournament

The Aftermath

After a very impressive turnout and huge interest in a second event, the team is hard at work on getting something even bigger and better for everyone to experience the next global Fortnite event. We are all very passionate about and working with the proper channels to create something that everyone can really, truly enjoy. Expectations will be for more centers, more players, more tournaments and even more prizes!

Full Center List

North America West
404 Esports
Bot Spot
Esports Arena LV
Gamers Room
Grand Canyon University
LAN King
Level Gaming Lounge
LFG Cybercafe
No Pause
Pure Esports
Section 9
Strike Gaming
The Spud Farm
Zona 0

North America East
Nemesis LAN
East Coast Gaming
Levels Game Loft
Gravity Gaming
E-Gamers Cafe
Omega Station
Ebash Gaming Center
Glitch Gaming Center

Albanian Gaming Arena
Alingsas Esports
Arena Gaming
Escape Gaming
Esports Lounge Lebanon
Lan House Station
Level Gaming Lounge
Prodigy Gaming
Redwolf Esports
Reload Gaming Lounge
Zaki Center

Checkpoint Esports
Clan Gaming
Escape Portal
Level Infinity
Next Tier Esports
Pebyl Gaming
Prodigy Gaming
Qut Esports
The Barracks
Zen Gaming Lounge

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