ggLeap Version 1.0 Release & New Fortnite Event

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This week on our show we touch on a handful of topics. First is the ggLeap version 1.0 release that is scheduled for October 15th. We also discuss the next upcoming Fortnite event which will be global and utilize private servers. Finally, we discuss upcoming features being released in September.

Version 1.0 Release & Pricing Changes

We will be moving ggLeap to a version 1.0 release in October. This completes all features that we have deemed necessary to go to this version. In addition to that we will also be changing the pricing structure to a per PC basis. So from now until the release you have time to lock in early access pricing. Here’s what Zack had to say about the release and what will be changing:

Zack: We finished our fundraising around in May, which allowed us to bring on a lot of extra development help and totally focus on finishing up the items that we’ve deemed necessary for our first version to be released in October.

So, as of right now, this is the last month of early access pricing, and the sales team will start really hammering this home with everybody, but this is your last chance to get early access pricing and lock it in. We’ll honor that for anybody that’s on those programs and subscriptions. As long as you’re on those things, we’ll honor those moving forward. You know, you’re not going to be forced to move to the new pricing, but the new pricing that comes out in October, we’re going to simplify everything.

There’s no standard and pro. There’s basically, and it’s not … we just had somebody join yesterday. I know you answered this email, but they want to know the pricing for if they had 21 PCs. And you’re like, “Well, right now in early access, it’s 29 bucks for 20 PCs or under. It’s 59 bucks for 21 PCs and over.” It doesn’t make a lot of sense to go from 29 to 59 for one PC.
I’ve always been against the per PC license model for other software providers because nothing else is built in the cloud. There’s no ongoing expenses for adding PCs, but I also didn’t like it because it penalizes centers for getting bigger, it seems like.

So what we’re working on is a very simple model. $5 a PC a month, okay? That’s it. There is no … everybody gets everything for that price. There are no features withheld for anybody at any size. Everybody gets access to the global [prize vault? 00:01:33], everybody gets access to custom branding. There is a switch-over at 60 PCs or higher is where we’ve deemed the line for enterprise support, installation, extra service agreements, the ability to do custom design work, development work. We’ve just researched this now and gathered all this data in early access for a year and a half, and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt how our market and how our customers work.

So, the $5 a month pricing is actually very reasonably close to what people are paying in early access. So a lot of people put seven PCs on a $29-a-month product. You know, a lot of people put 24 PCs on a $99-a-month product in our early access. So the average right now for us, across all of our customers, is about $4.70 a month, per PC, in early access. So the $5 a PC a month fits right what everybody’s paying now.

A lot of people would be like, “Well, hey, that might be a little much for my small store to pay.” We just want to make sure there’s so many benefits and so much involved in that, that it’s second nature for you, be like, “I can’t live without it.”

So the ability to have access to the global pool, to have access to the full point of sale. We thought about changing those out. We’ve had matrixes, [J-MAC? 00:02:51] that we’ve worked on … you and I and Ross, where maybe inventory management or something should be reserved for this top tier, whatever. All that’s out the window.

Everybody gets access to everything. Five bucks a PC a month. It will cap. I don’t like charging people to have … we just had a call today with a group that has 240 PCs. Like, it will cap. So our cap right now is going to be at 120 PCs, tentatively. We may lower or raise that a little bit, but there will be a cap. So if you come to us, and you want to grow, and you want to get big, we want you to grow. We want you to get big. We want you to be successful. So we’ll cap that license at 120 PCs right now. We may adjust that to 100 if we feel like that our costs are covered for running these servers for these bigger centers, when we have those bigger centers coming on board.

Right now, our centers, we have centers that have 100 PCs, that have 110 PCs, have 120. The one we talked to today with 240 PCs, that’ll be the biggest one we’ve worked with yet. So we’ve got to look at that data and see how that scales for us. Once we set the server up for them online, 240 clients hitting that server at one time, we just want to make sure that we cover our costs, and we’re able to support them and support their user base properly.

We’ll still do annual, two-year, three-year discounts. You know, you don’t have to pay per month, but the exciting part about this is is that we’ve had these milestones set now for a while, but October’s our version one set release date for version ggLeap. ggCircuit then becomes the focus for the players, so immediately, we still have our core team, but then we’re adding new developers in to focus just on the player side. So our core developers keep working on ggLeap. That never stops. The functionality, the features, that will always be under development. That will always be included as new versions are released. That’s always included to everybody. Then we start on the players’ stuff with a tentative data release of that product in December.

So it’s going to go fast, really fast, in the next four months. A lot of things are going to happen. And the crazy part is is that sales are … like, new customers coming on board are higher than they’ve ever been, and we’re not trying to sell them. We’ve just been taking orders. Like, we’re not actively pursuing sales, outbound sales, at all. We’re just taking orders from people that are coming to us, starting up centers.

Private Server Fortnite Event on September 21st & 22nd

In addition to the huge news about our version 1.0 release we also discuss a private server Fortnite event that will be upcoming in late September. This will be a second private server event much like the on we did last month, but centers will have two weeks to promote it this time. We have been working with Epic on how the first event went and things we would like to change on both sides. This time the event will be a global event and more prize money will be up for grabs. Details for center and player sign ups will be added on this website soon.

Coin redemption, adding games & license choice being released

We also discuss upcoming features near the end of the show. There will be a new release this week, which I’m sure will be documented in the ggLeap changelog this week as well. A few of the many features and bug fixes announced will be the ability to redeem prizes through the client with coins, centers being allows to add their own games and ability for player to choose a center license or their own account.

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