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ggLeap continues to improve it’s offering to allow esports centers to customize it further. In the latest ggLeap release, 0.1967, there are many improvements. Most notably, we have created abilities for ggLeap customization in language packs and applying custom audio to the client. In addition, more work has gone into custom consumption rates for PC groups and continuous improvements in center statistics and the point of sale. Full details of the release are below.

Changelog and ggLeap Customization Info

ggLeap Client:

  • Client can now be localized to any language (see webadmin to choose).
  • Client can now play custom audio to replace “Welcome to ggLeap” and other voice messages (see webadmin to upload).
  • Fuel Gauge has been enhanced to now show consumption % for those using PC groups.
  • New POS subcategory display system.
  • GDPR ready (waiting for legal agreements for each country).

ggLeap Webadmin:

  • Added ability to choose both “custom consumption rate” and “limited offer validity” simultaneously (IE you can have an offer that only works on a certain group of PCS and have that group of pcs consume the offer at a variable % to normal).
  • Added ability to upload custom wav files to replace default voice messages eg “Welcome to eBash!”
  • Added webadmin/client localization support. You can now choose from webadmin the language you want for both admin and client.
  • Statistics page overhaul (very large update). The stats page has had a huge amount of development and is now a good system to generate reports including shift reports. Further development is underway.
  • GDPR ready.
  • Changed dashboard stats which should now all be fully accurate and real time. “Income” relates to money in (including cash/card transactions and player deposits) while “Sales” relates to offer/product transactions (from cash/card or from player balance). These numbers can be different if someone purchases items today using his balance from a deposit he made last week (full breakdown in stats page)

PC Groups – Consumption Rate

Lots of small bug fixes/improvements:

  • Fixed issues relating to volume controls on usb devices.
  • Fixed issues relating to resolution changes (ggleap client could break after playing an old game with a low resolution).
  • Fixed bug relating to client shop not correctly displaying taxes.
  • Default selection in client shop is now “pay from balance” if player has enough balance to afford cart.
  • Client will now inform the user during registration if email address already exists (rather than generic error message).
  • Fixed an issue where client would ask for date of birth and force user to repeat password.
  • Relocated the “select all/select none” button in webadmin to be the “double tick” symbol on dashboard.
  • Added ability to “force logout” users on newadmin who had become stuck due to power/internet failure.
  • Fixed bug that gave the option to login a guest, to a computer where a guest was already logged in.
  • Changed appearance in some areas to account for different system clock types.
  • Dashboard stats are now admin only.
  • Added the ability to change the colors of the two top areas in client.
  • Shop and games pages on newadmin now have instant search (per character searching).
  • Added many new items to activity tracker.
  • Changed webadmin POS categories to account for smaller resolution monitors
  • Added ability to customizable receipts for transactions (can customize in settings, printing ability coming very soon).
  • Added ability to display old admin offers/time into newadmin reports
  • Fixed bug that prevented the ability to select multiple pcs from different rooms in newadmin graphical view.
  • Fixed a display issue in graphical view for centers with many rooms.
  • Removed the “show/hide” filters button on activity tracker and now just show filters as default.
  • Fixed bug that meant activity log exports were not converting to local time.
  • Fixed refresh button in stats page.
  • Added hover over information for transactions in both client orders section, and stats section.
  • Added “session time” to activity tracker to show how long players had been logged in for when they logged out ( in hours and minutes).
  • Fixed issues related to refunds and auto-removing offers.
  • Can now refund entire transactions, or single items within a bigger transaction
  • System will now ask if user wants to return an item to stock, if a refund for product is requested.
  • Fixed a rare bug that sometimes attributed an offer to a guest account rather than a selected member account.
  • Added 1 click buttons to move payment methods for faster checkout.
  • Webadmin POS will default to “user balance” if user has enough balance for entire cart (part payment options will appear if user has balance greater than 0 but less than cart total).
  • Quicksale menu now orders items by popularity for faster transactions
  • Fixed issue that made it difficult to locate a specific problem on activity tracker because filters would reset every time user left the page (by clicking on a transaction for example).
  • Added ability for to enable/disable ability to unlock client pcs on newadmin (in employee menu, same as old admin).
  • Dashboard search menu, now prioritises username, then surname, then email address then mobile in search results.
  • Users can no longer rename the default POS categories since they are special case. (offers/snacks/prizes). New categories or subcategories should be used if required.
  • Fixed bugs relating to number of decimal places setting.
  • Added loading animation to activity tracker for large data requests.
  • Fixed all issues relating to “start of day” and “start of week” settings for reports in webadmin.
  • Added ability to see which specific offer is currently being used, in fuel gauge
  • Many improvements to PC Layout.
  • Fixed bugs relating to filtering players in activity tracker.
  • Player “time to logout” is capped to 24 hours. If player has more than 24 hours of time on his account, the client will show it as +24hours. This is due to excessive CPU calculations on TTL on accounts with vast amounts of time.
  • Fixed issue with 144hz+ display.
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