Fortnite Private Server Test Summary

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On August 17th & 18th, 2018, the ggLeap events staff was privileged to test out Fortnite private servers. This was a test event to engage both domestic centers in the US as well as some volunteer centers internationally willing to play on North American servers.

An initial prize pool of $2,000 was offered by ggCircuit for a solo event that occured on Friday and a duos event on Saturday.

Friday Fortnite Private Server Solos

For the Friday event, over 16 esports centers with close to 300 players participated in the solos event. Five solo matches were played, staggered each hour on the hour from 9pm to 1am EST. The winners of each match took home $150 and second place $50 for each match. That’s some good money for a Victory Royale! Overall there was a great response from the players, no lag or cheating, just everyone having fun competing.

Fortnite Private Server Duos champs from LFG Cybercafe in San Antonio.

Fortnite Private Server Duos champs from LFG Cybercafe in San Antonio.

Saturday Fortnite Private Server Duos

On Saturday, there were four duos matches and the top teams from those matches led into the fifth and final championship match. The finals match had 32 duo teams that participated, 8 from each of the four qualifying matches. The winners of the duos final was from LFG Cybercafe in San Antonio. These two champions took home $800 in prize money for the win.

The states and locations that came together for this event include: Indiana, Hawaii, Texas, California, Florida, North Dakota, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand & Croatia! The servers switched back and forth between North America East and North America West for testing and  for our international centers that were participating. All matches went off without a hitch.

ggCircuit would like to show its appreciation to the folks at Epic Games for allowing them to do this initial server test. ggCircuit looks forward to providing more private server events for ggLeap centers in the near future. Connect with them at (insert place to stay tuned) for future event announcements.

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