PC Groups Released with 0.1612

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The most recent public release of ggLeap is version 0.1612. The major feature added into the software with this release has been PC Groups. This feature allows gaming locations to label certain PCs into different groups where they can choose what offers or consumption rate should apply to the user account. A great example of this would be if you have customer PCs with different specifications, and you want to apply prices matching the quality of those computers.

More about PC Groups

PC Groups are setup in the settings in the most recent ggLeap web administrator. There are two areas related to the groups configuration, “Group Settings” and “PC/Console Groups”. The “Group Settings” area allows you either to apply offers to groups or to apply different PC consumption rates. “PC Groups” allows you to create the PC and/or console groups that you need. You may add/edit/delete PC groups as well as multi-select your PC/console nodes and apply them to a group.

Within the “Group Settings” would be where you choose to apply offers to specific PC groups or whether you want to apply a consumption rate on these PCs. Consumption rate would be related to the speed of time used based on what PC the user is logged into.

Fuel Gauge Changes

The fuel gauge in the ggLeap user interface shows how much time is left on a user account to play. With this update ggLeap will now calculate the total amount of time left on a user’s account vs. just the offer that is currently being tracked. There is also now a details button where you can flip through all current and future offers that have been applied to your account.

Other Notable Changes In Version 0.1612


  • Added extra server and messaging capacity.
  • Added center based QoS (Quality of Service).  This lowers maximum latency and improves average latency for all backend requests.
  • Overhauled logging system.  It now provides a greater level of visibility into each backend request, including structured event data.
  • All backend log events are now sent to Seq (a log aggregation, querying, monitoring and alerting system).
  • Multiple Seq dashboards and automated alerts have been configured so that we can proactively respond to unusual backend behaviour.

ggLeap Client

  • Added settings button to control panel (games/apps set to genre “settings” will appear there).
  • Fix Epic autologin (much better fix this time).
  • Fuel Gauge overhaul. Fuel gauge will now display total time, and offer breakdown
  • PC group support.
  • Added Client boot splash screen (No more “black screen”, pc boot will be much more informative process).
  • Mandatory date of birth collection at next client login for all gamers (if not already in database).
  • Created default “Time Offer” images for centers to use in Client shop:  (download here)

ggLeap Webadmin:

  • PC groups enabled. Ability for 2 modes of PC groups:
    1. Limited Offer Validity ie certain offers will only work on certain groups of  computers/consoles.
    2. % Consumption adjustments ie all offers work on all computers, but certain groups can consume offers at different speeds for example : A lower spec budget computer

Lots of small bug fixes/improvements:

  • Dashboard stats upgraded showing real-time numbers.
  • Dashboard search now searches surname, as well as username, mobile and email.
  • Can hover over client-orders and transactions to get order details.
  • Offers is now the default category when selecting shop.
  • Sorted all stats page tables from high to low.
  • Fixed a bug that meant that offers clicking “all” in offer eligibility time, selected 00:00-23:59 which meant users actually got logged out at 23:59.
  • Prepay guests now show “Time to Logout” on dashboard.
  • Activity log entries for “User logged out” now shows duration of previous session.
  • Support for small resolution monitors for webadmin improved.
  • Category graphics for POS categories have been reworked.
  • Fixed a bug where client orders were not reducing stock.
  • Client orders that were refunded now show as “refunded” in client orders section.
  • Client shop items are now sorted by type then price.
  • Fixed a bug where unselecting “available for client orders” did not remove the item from client shop.
  • Fixed a bug where prices in client did not include taxes.
  • Improved activity log behaviour.
  • Many improvements to “statistics page” (still remains focus of development).
  • Enabled “Start of Day (time)” and “Start of Week (day) “ for reporting purposes .
  • Fixed issue that occasionally caused ggLeap to operate at 1FPS.
  • Many many other very small bug fixes through the development process.
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