League Unlocked Available to Select ggLeap Centers

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Today we are thrilled to announce that League Unlocked will be available  to select LAN gaming locations and esports centers in the US and Canada. This is HUGE for any ggCircuit player that loves League of Legends and the amazing benefits that it provides.

What is League Unlocked?

League Unlocked is a unique version of the League of Legends client. This version unlocks all League of Legends champions, 100+ skins are unlocked, and you earn a 20% bonus of experience points (XP) by playing at these select centers during this six month pilot period. This special League of Legends content can be used with your regular summoner account, but will only be activated when playing at these LAN centers. League Unlocked will also be a major part of tournament initiatives as well as future ggCircuit seasons.

What criteria must I meet as a player to get League Unlocked?

The criteria to meet is that you must play at these locations in the US and Canada during this pilot. You will login with your normal summoner account and will immediately gain access to League Unlocked. Playing from home will not provide you the same benefit. These perks are at no extra cost to you to be able to access.

Notification for League Unlocked within the LoL client.

Thank you to Riot Games for providing us this capability to grow interest in League of Legends through our ggCircuit players.

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