ggCircuit Season 7 – Week 2

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Welcome to the ggCircuit minute for May 7th to May 14th

Week two of ggCircuit season seven has completed and the five center front runners are making it a great race.

GameDeck held onto a slim lead with 7 Gaming Zone on their heels. Epic Gaming Center, Bunker Game Center and City Gaming Lounge take 3rd, 4th & 5th and are within striking distance.

Gaylord took over the player lead with Lostsoul8833 in second and charbelfrange from Esports Lounge Lebanon in 3rd.

ggLeap version 0.1343 is available for pre-release this week. This version is a complete overhaul of the ggLeap asset loading processes and center owners will see a significant increase in client loading times.

Encourage your players to play and win Gamdias prizes and post them online with #ggcSeason7. Thanks for all your pictures and player recognition.

A big thank you to these centers who have joined us with ggLeap.

And that’s YOUR ggCircuit minute.

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