ggLeap Mega Update 0.1511

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ggLeap software is ever evolving and improving. We wanted to take some time to detail out this ggLeap mega released that occured at the beginning of June. You can always reference our change log for reference as well. As part of our development plan, these are changes that have been in the works for some time and we’re finally happy to announce it. So, without further adieu here are the most recent changes to ggLeap.

ggLeap Documentation Changes

Updated New-admin User documentation (including client shop documentation)

ggLeap Mega Update for the Client User Interface

  • Added button menu bottom right corner for games/apps/shop/settings (more buttons to come).
  • Added client self service shop functionality (switched off by default, centers must request this to be turned on when they are ready to use it). See user manual
  • Fuel gauge calculation change. Fuel gauge will now show “Time till Logoff” which calculates the amount of time gamer can play for, taking into account offers which already exist on his account which may expire or become valid during his session.
  • Client boot overhaul. Faster boot times (connection to CDN rather than S3 with multiple backup connection paths).
  • Fix epic autologin.
  • Fix esea launch (and probably other apps that didn’t launch in ggleap)
  • Low time audio warnings will play only when total time is near zero

Client Shop & Client Purchasing

  • Added ability to pay for offers/products from cash on delivery or from balance.
  • Added ability to add offers directly to account with no admin intervention.
  • Added ability to view prize vault items (coin purchasing coming in next update).
  • Added ability for guest users to purchase items (cash on delivery only).
  • Added ability to add descriptions to offers to explain eligibility times to customers.
  • Added ability to filter by subcategory.

ggLeap Web Administrator version 2.0  

(you should clear cache and CTRL + F5 to get the update)


  • Offers column now show “total time remaining” for players at a glance (on the dashboard, without having to click on the eye symbol), regardless of how many offers they have on their account, including offers that may expire or become eligible to be used in the future. It will calculate how long they can play for regardless of what offers are sitting on their account, no matter how complicated.
  • Right click menu overhaul.
  • Moved user search from right hand side to central position.
  • User search will now search name, username, email and mobile number.
  • Added shift sign-on/sign-off to top right of dashboard (if shift system is enabled in center config).

PC Groups

  • PC groups system has been deployed and is currently in testing (superadmin access only). Release imminent


  • Removed shifts button from side menu.
  • If shifts are turned on in center config, staff can sign on/sign off in top-right of dashboard.

Graphical Overview Dashboard

  • Complete overhaul of the PC layout system, with optimizations for very large centers (super responsive).
  • Graphical overview will now use the entire browser space.
  • Change lock button is no longer camouflaged by background.
  • Machines now easy-snap into position.
  • Hovering over pcs being used, give important information about the user.
  • Can drag a box to select multiple PCs to perform mass actions to perform actions on multiple pcs simultaneously.

List View Dashboard

  • Systems now order alphabetically by default.
  • Removed Mac address and client version from list view (can now be found in right click/computer menu).
  • Can select multiple PC’s with shift button or press button in top left of list view to select all/none. Can now perform actions on multiple pcs simultaneously.
  • PC list view will now extend vertically to the length of browser

Web Administrator Shop

  • Added POS system. Can either click shop button on left hand side (ideal for guest purchases) or right click on user, or computer used by user.
  • Added Quicksale system. Added ability to access commonly purchased items through quick-sale for faster transactions.
  • Added POS easy sale buttons. Added cashier buttons to “pay all from balance” “pay all from cash” “part pay balance/cash” (defaults to pay from balance, remainder cash).
  • Removed balance as a payment option in cart if player has zero balance.
  • Removed coins as a payment option in cart if no prizes in cart.
  • Added ability for player to overpay for items in order to put change directly onto their player balance.
  • Transactions now generate attractive receipts on purchase completion.

Client Orders

  • Added webadmin voice notification for new order.
  • Added visual notifications to alert admin of new orders.
  • Added ability for admin to process orders that require attention (for payment or delivery).
  • Added ability for orders to proceed automatically into transactions when no attention is required (payments for digital items from balance).
  • Added ability to refund/cancel orders from the client order menu.
  • Added the ability to hover over items in the client order menu to see what the order is


  • Added guest system to newadmin ( should perform exactly the same as old admin. Complete overhaul coming soon)

Activity Tracker

  • Added tracking for client purchases.
  • Added tracking for refunds.
  • Added tracking for balance payments.
  • Added tracking for item deliveries.
  • Added tracking for player deposits.
  • Added tracking for consoles login events.
  • Added tracking for when pc boots.
  • Added tracking for deleting a user.
  • Added tracking for PC/Console rename.
  • Added tracking for remote access.
  • Added tracking for timeout shutdowns.
  • Added tracking for deleting a console.
  • Added tracking for editing user information (including password reset).
  • Added tracking for how long a user played for.


  • Added ability to produce statistics over any period of time.
  • Added loading animation while data is being collected.
  • Added ability to show unique users.
  • Added ability to show new users.
  • Added ability to show account deposits.
  • Added ability to show total money spend.
  • Added ability to show total offer purchases.
  • Added ability to show total product purchases.


  • Overhaul of newadmin settings menu.
  • Added ability to set “start of day” time and “start of week” day, for reporting.
  • Added Games page.
  • Added Licenses page.
  • Added Employees page.
  • If Shifts setting is set to “none” then no request for shift sign in/out are presented.
  • Added Inventory section.


  • Added offer capability to “expire after X hours”.
  • Added ability that POS items will use parent category image if no image is specified.

ggLeap Bug fixes

  • Fixed overly aggressive newadmin reminder alerts.
  • Fixed bug that meant pos items not intended to client ordering would still display there.
  • Fixed bug that meant “Finalizing Guest Session” didn’t do anything.
  • Fixed bug where a guest login with capped session length didn’t work.
  • Fixed Issue with difficulty to access users logged into consoles.
  • Fixed an issue where refunding an offer didn’t also remove it from the account.
  • Fixed an issue where only .png images could be sent to client from admin for POS.
  • Fixed an issue with auto resizing of images for POS from admin to client.
  • Fixed a bug with activity tracker that meant which caused issues in filtering data in some time zones.
  • Improved unity shop item load time.
  • Total money spent now includes deposits.
  • Client prices now include taxes (if taxes are not included in webadmin prices).
  • “Computer Utilization” stat at top is now accurate.
  • “Computers Available” stat at top is now accurate.
  • Fixed issue that allowed employees access settings menu in newadmin

We will soon have another update that will detail out the new PC Groups functionality. Stay tuned!

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