Zombiethon Available for Pro Subscribers

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We have worked with the publishers of ZombieThon to provide global licenses to our ggLeap pro subscribers! Zombiethon is an new arcade shooter recently available on Steam.

About ZombieThon

ZombieThon is an arcade shoot ‘em up, with the goal of each mission being to survive as long as possible and to use any means to do so. Upgrades could come in the form of bouncing bullets, split shot, or even a few special upgrades that are nothing short of a natural disaster.

  • Single-player mode, for those that like a challenge.
  • 2 to 4 PLAYERS in Scaling Online Multiplayer.
  • Lots of different upgrades and combos for your weapons.
  • Special bullet abilities.
  • Unlockable characters in each level.
  • Unique character abilities.
  • 3 maps with more on the way.
  • Infinitely scaling waves.

What are global licenses all about?

ggLeap works with game publishers to provide access to selected game titles if a LAN center has a Pro subscription or higher. These titles can be utilized by the centers for free and with our state of the art cloud based service it allows us to share these licenses with customers around the world at no extra cost to them. We are proud of our licenses program and continue to work to bring more access to unique LAN center games around the world.




How can I enable ZombieThon and install it?

Depending on how your LAN center is setup it’s very easy to implement ZombieThon. First, you must be a Pro ggLeap subscriber. That allows you access to the game. Then you must enable the game through the “Games” list. Search for “ZombieThon”, and click on it to view the game details. In the game details, set “Enabled” equal to “Yes”, and set “Requires Key” equal to “Yes”. Next click the save button. That’s all there is to it. On the next load of the ggLeap client you will see ZombieThon is available, it will launch, login, and allow you to install.

Again, thank you to Green Thumb Studios for allowing access to ZombieThon for ggLeap Pro subscribers and above. Play Games. Earn Coins. Win Prizes! That’s ggLeap.

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