Client Purchasing Now Available in the ggLeap Client

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We have now released the functionality of client purchasing or what we like to call “self-service” in the ggLeap client. This is a feature that has been in the works for many months and we are excited to release it. Briefly, this is the ability for you the LAN center owner to make your time offers,products and prizes available in the client and your customers can “Shop” for these items and purchase them at the client.

Reviewing product cart in the client.

Client Purchasing with a Few Clicks

The client purchasing ability allows you to set products in the “Shop” of the web administrator and set them to be available for client ordering. This allows the customer to add time to their accounts and order products without employee interaction and pay for them within the client. Once these items have been ordered the LAN center customer will be notified that a new order has been placed and if the order needs completed to take action.

Add Time, Products & Prizes

Within the new release of our web administrator you as a LAN center owner can now any time or offers that you sell within the “Shop” feature of the web admin. You apply what price point you want these items to sell for and whether or not they have a ggCircuit coin value (optional). Before you save each product you will have the ability to select whether or not these products are available for client ordering. ONLY items that are set as “Allow for client ordering” will be available in the self service feature for customers to order.

New admin products New admin product creation.

How Does This Benefit My LAN Center?

There are a handful of benefits this feature will provide your LAN Center. The biggest feature is that less transactions will be made by counter employees and more by customers at the PC. Another benefit would be giving the customer the ability to know more about what you offer in your shop without having to answer customer inquiries. Third, potential for more revenue as we make this feature more readily accessible and easier to add time to accounts. Fourth, more time for employees to complete day to day tasks in the center due to less customer interaction by needing to ring up products at the counter.

What Does The Future of This Feature Look Like?

As we look into our technical crystal ball we know we have many features already in the works for future revisions of the self service client. Both local and global prize vault items will be available in the client and customers will be able to purchase them with their ggCircuit coins. There will be methods instituted to purchase items with their credit cards and through PayPal. That an much much more will be coming in the months ahead.

The client purchasing feature is currently available in a test state (version 0.1318) with full release coming very soon. Many centers are testing it out and providing very positive feedback. It is really a game changer and another reason why we continue to focus on development of the ggLeap system.

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