ggCircuit Season 7 Preview

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Welcome to the ggCircuit Season 7 Preview!

ggCircuit Season 7 officially begins on April 30th with a global center vs. center competition and sponsored prizes from Gamdias.

What is ggCircuit Season 7?

This is an 8 week regular season where players will play ranked League of Legends and Dota 2 matches to give their location a skill based score. After the regular season will be one week of finals to crown our player and center champions.

What are the center requirements?

Centers must be on ggLeap version 0.1231 to receive automatic League of Legends linking. Dota 2 players must link their Steam account in the ggLeap user interface. Ranked matches MUST be played to be recorded for the season.

ggCircuit Season 7 Preview

ggCircuit Season 7 Preview

Who can participate?

All centers are eligible to participate. Some centers have purchased prize crates from Gamdias and can shower their weekly winners with awesome peripherals, medals and trophies.

How do I promote my Season 7 winners?

We want you to promote your winners on a weekly basis with posts and pictures. Promoting ggCircuit Season 7 on social media is easy by using hashtag #ggcSeason7

How do I track my center and player progress?

Follow the overall leaders and center specific leaders in real time under the events tab at

Will your center become part of our hall of champions? Best of luck in Season 7 from ggCircuit.

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