Global Upgrade to ggLeap 0.1231

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On April 24th, 2018 we announced to our customers that we could be moving to a global upgrade of ggLeap on April 26th. This version of ggLeap has a shortlist of improvement, however it is important that as we move into the next couple of months of development that we have all of our customers on the same page.

With the start of ggCircuit Season 7 on April 30th, it’s critical that all center are on a unified version so that the competition can be equal due to League of Legends automated account linking becomes important to our players.

What’s new in this global upgrade?

The changes made to version 0.1231 are minimal and are focused within the ggLeap client.

Automated linking of player profiles with their League of Legends account

The ability to “Register for Leaderboards” in the League of Legends game details has been removed. Players will no longer need to register their League of Legends accounts as it is now an automatic process. As long as a player is playing ranked matches, they will receive in game skill coins.

Alteration to logout hit box which was causing issues

We had a small alteration to the area where log out could be clicked. This caused some issues with PC players. We have re-adjusted the clickable area of the log out button and this should no longer be a problem.

How will this global upgrade impact my players?

The global upgrade should not impact your players at all. Hopefully it will only be a positive impact especially for your players playing ranked League of Legends matches as they will be earning more coins that they can redeem towards prizes.

What’s upcoming in the next couple months?

While we can’t reveal all of the goodies we are about to release in both ggCircuit and ggLeap we can say that these are some changes we’ve been working on that are months in the making. This release will see considerable improvements and new features in our web administrator, full scale point of sale, and client purchasing are all part of the grand plan of updates in the coming weeks and months.

Play Games. Earn Coins. Win Prizes. — that’s ggLeap!

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