The Ultimate Guide to ggCircuit Season 7

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The ggCircuit Season is back! This time with prize sponsorship from Gamdias, and customer recognition items like trophies and medals given out by yours truly. We’re really excited about the 7th installment of our center vs. center global competition. The ggCircuit Season 7 competition will last from April 23rd (Pre-Season week) to July 2nd (Season Finals). Between pre-season and finals will be eight weeks of regular season competition.

ggCircuit Season 7 Requirements

  • Center MUST be upgraded to ggLeap version 0.1231 (Includes automated LoL linking).
  • Encourage your center players must play ranked League of Legends and/or Dota 2 matches to participate.
  • Dota 2 accounts must be linked through the ggLeap user interface.

How does ggCircuit Season 7 work?

The ggCircuit season is an automated global center vs. center competition. Players at your center will play either ranked League of Legends or Dota 2 matches to get on the season leaderboard. There are two items that we tally in this season competition the player score and the center score.

A player score consists of the top 5 highest ggCircuit scoring ranked matches each week. Hop over to the League of Legends page and the Dota 2 page on the ggCircuit website to see how points are applied per match.

Player scores will be tallied over the season and top players will be announced each week in the ggCircute minute. The top 100 players globally will move on to compete in the finals week after the 8 weeks of regular season play.

A center score consists of the sum of the top 15 player scores in your center. The top center leaders will be announced each week on the ggCircuit minute video. The top 10 centers world wide will move on to compete in the finals week after the 8 weeks of regular season play.

This is YOUR chance as a center owner to rally your players toward a common goal and participate in a competition that is completely automated. Very little work needed on your part.

ggCircuit Season 7 Banner

ggCircuit Season 7 Banner

What do I need to do as a center owner to promote ggCircuit Season 7?

The main thing you need to do as a center owner is tell your players what is happening. Encourage them to play ranked League of Legends and Dota 2 matches if that’s their game or interest. Utilize the season promotional graphics provided for print outs and social media. If you have purchased prize crates, be sure to check the season page on a weekly basis to shower your players with prizes, medals & trophies.

Game Linking for Skill Coins

For your center players to register for the Season they must have their in game accounts linked to appear on the leaderboards. Your center MUST be upgraded to 0.1231 of ggLeap for automated LoL linking to appear. Please utilize your support chats if you want to be upgraded.

For League of Legends their in-game account is automatically linked if they are playing ranked games and your center is on ggLeap version 0.1231. No extra work needs done.

For Dota 2 your players much link their Steam account and make their data public for their ranked Dota 2 matches to be tracked. This can be done by clicking on Dota 2 in ggLeap and within the details clicking “Register for Leaderboards”. To make their Dota 2 data public they must go into the Dota 2 options. Here is a link that helps explain that process.

Season 6 Winners

Section 9 Season 6 Winners

Monitoring your center

The ggCircuit Season 7 page launched on the website this week. There you can review all data related to the season. You will be able to filter the data based on your center so that on a weekly basis you can inform your players of your status in the competition as well as recognize the players in your store that are doing awesome.

Tools to use to promote your players

There are many tools that we provide to help promote progress for ggCircuit Season 7.

If you are giving away prizes or recognizing players you can utilize the prize spinner (select your center name and “Player Name Spinner” option). As the first week starts we’ll add options such as “Season 7 Week 1” so you can provide prizes or do a Facebook live video to only those that participate in each week. A great way to randomize those that are participating in the season and give them incentive to keep participating.

The ggCircuit full screen slider is also a way for your customers to see the pulse of the store (select your center name and choose “New Slider”). There will be new season slides available to view once week one begins. This is an informational display branded for your center that has daily, weekly, and statistics. You open this in Google Chrome, and connect it to a TV or monitor. Hit F11 to full screen it and watch friendly rivalries start in your center.

ggCircuit Season 7 Player Leaderboard

ggCircuit Season Player Leaderboard

The ggCircuit Social Media Automation Tool is also helpful to recognize your players. This allows you to grab specific data about your players and convert it into an image. You can then download that image and post it to your social media channels. Tag your players and more to recognize how well they are doing and to get them back in store for more ggCircuit Season 7 play.

ALL of these tools a linked on the ggCircuit website through “Center Resources”. You must be the admin of your center to see this link.

Pre-Season Week

The ggCircuit pre-season starts April 23rd. This is a week for your players to practice, play and rack up some statistics. It’s also a time for us to work out any kinks and clear up any player issues if accounts aren’t linking properly or if we need to clear up any issues. The data tracked in the pre-season does not count towards the regular season or finals.

Regular Season

The regular season is eight weeks of competition that starts April 30th. Each week we will review the player and center leaders. After a few weeks you will start to see which players and leaders are really putting forth an effort as they start to leave the pack. Each week is exciting to see who is leading and will be added to the finals of ggCircuit Season 7.

Finals Week

The ggCircuit Season 7 finals is the week after the eighth week of regular competition. We’ll take the top 100 accumulated scores for players and add them to the finals week and the top 10 accumulated center scores and also add them to the finals. The scores obtained during this finals week are the only scores that will count towards crowning both a player and center winner for Season 7.

Prizes, medals & trophies – #ggcSeason7

Many centers paid for prize crates from Gamdias for the season. The purpose of those prize crates is to give away prizes either at random or for your weekly winners.

Gamdias Prizes for ggCircuit Season 7

Gamdias Prizes for ggCircuit Season 7

You have also received medals and a player season trophy from ggCircuit. Please recognize your players for participating and on a weekly basis during the regular season give out a medal to the player that led the week. Provide the trophy to the player in your center that accumulated the best score for the entire season.

As always, you are encouraged to post pictures, videos, etc. on your social media channels to promote the season and recognize your players. On any of your posts, we would be grateful if you’d utilize the hashtag:


What’s the ggCircuit Minute?

The ggCircuit minute is a weekly video that we like to create during the season. It’s a one minute review of what is happening during the season. We will create these videos throughout the season and tag your centers if you are mentioned based on your season progress and prowess.

The time is upon us, I hope your players are primed and ready. May the force be with you, #ggcSeason7.

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