Under the Hood: Esports Centers with ggCircuit – CEX Recap

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ggCircuit was recently invited to the College Esports Expo on April 5th to present about how universities are created esports centers and connecting them with us by utilizing our cloud based software. Zack Johnson, CEO of ggCircuit,  not only presented but attended many other presentations and panels that were made available by CEX at Emerson College.

About the College Esports Expo

This event was the first annual College Esports Expo and was the kickoff to PAX East in Boston 2018. The purpose was to bring together the esports community and senior academics leaders to explore key factors of what is driving growth of esports on college campuses and the challenges of it’s rapid expansion.

Among other panelists and presentations were representatives from Twitch Student, Collegiate Star League (CSL).

Anyone wanting to gain insight on new technologies that are powering esports, fan monetization and connecting collegiate LAN centers for competition was welcome to attend CEX.

Topics Covered in Esports Centers with ggCircuit

The topics covered in this presentation were focused on how college esports programs can benefit from creating esports spaces on campus. We discussed out experience with universities and specific questions that need to be answered before forging into a gaming setup.

We also discuss for colleges on who you may be trying to reach with this setup. How does it affect the admissions process? Does this work like a normal computer lab or is there more to it? There are common misconceptions on how to setup an esports space to make the gaming experience premium for all that come to compete.

Finally we discuss our experience with clients like UCI and Lambton College and how we are now serving close to 400 location all linked together with our ggLeap esports OS and ggCircuit automated esports competition.

Thanks you once again to Emerson College for having us attend and present at the College Esports Expo!



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