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A huge thanks to Nicholas Yanes from Scifi Pulse who did an interview with ggLeap CEO Zack Johnson about his background starting eBash and ggLeap software.

About The Scifi Pulse article

Yanes states, “Zack Johnson took his love of athletics and competition, and applied it to eSports before it was cool. Realizing that there was a growing need for a place for people to meet and compete against one another in videogames, Johnson founded eBash. Johnson and his team would build upon eBash by developing the esports management platforms, ggLeap and ggCircuit. Wanting to learn more about his background and his eSports work, I was able to interview Johnson for ScifiPulse.”.

Gen Con 2017 - Esports Zone -

Gen Con 2017 – Esports Zone

What the article mentioned about ggLeap

The article first talks about the birth of ggCircuit in 2008 and how that grew into ggLeap. Johnson said about ggCircuit, “ggCircuit started in 2008 just as a competition between LAN center champions in the US.  Not until 2013 did we begin to develop the software around automating the competition for players and then in late 2015 we went “all-in” developing a full blown Esports OS for managing centers.  I think in September 2016 when we flew to LA and helped launch the UCI esports center with our software I realized that we had something special.”

When asked about the necessity to build ggLeap, Johnson stated, “After trying to build the competitive software on top of old school internet cafe software we were tired of being limited by software that had not been modernized yet.  It became a necessity to us to build a proper foundation for the software to automate our competitive side even more.”

Once again, a huge thank you to the crew at Scifi Pulse for recognizing us as a promising esports software suite within the booming industry of modern gaming locations.

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