Launcher Improvements with Latest Pre-Release

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As we continue to grow and improve ggLeap, it’s not without certain pains that the software needs to address with our customers. To make sure that we continue to make forward progress we have released verson 0.1146 to address launcher improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes. Any individual or center that wants to get this upgrade, contact your support channel for assistance.

Launcher Improvements and more in ggLeap

We first start with the ggLeap client. This release again updated to the latest version of Unity (2017.3.1p4). There was a lot of focus in doing launcher improvements. We optimized the Battle Net launcher as well as the Epic autologin. With Epic, Fortnite is changing it on a bi-weekly basis due to the popluarity. It is something we’ll have to keep up with as it goes.

Other miscellaneous items from this release. We removed the “Register for Leaderboards” button from the League of Legends details. This was due to the fact that League of Legends is now being auto linked and is no longer needed. You must be playing ranked games to receive ggCircuit skill points and stat tracking. There were also a few interactivity fixes we made with the user interface.

Changes to the new ggLeap Admin

The changes to the new ggLeap Admin were a bit minimal. From our announcment of the esports activity tracker fron the last release we found a few bugs and inaccuracies of the data that it was provided. We’ve taken some time to address those issues and have added some user interface changes as well as backend changes to that tracker.

We have a lot of features that are in mid-development for the new ggLeap web administrator. We are hoping to be peppering some of these new features out by the end of April. I think it will be a really exciting month!

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