GAMDIAS to Sponsor ggCircuit Season 7

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We are closing in on ggCircuit Season 7 which will begin on April 23rd. Much like we did for Season 6, we are thrilled to announce that GAMDIAS has agreed to sponsor our center prize crates. GAMDIAS is a global distributor of peripherals, gaming chairs & computer components. GAMDIAS is redefining the esports landscape for gamers worldwide. Backed by international award winning designers (Red Dot), ingenious think tanks, and inspirational brand leaders, GAMDIAS will be taking its step towards the new innovative generation of the gaming accessories.

What’s a GAMDIAS Prize Crate?

Think of the ggCircuit prize crate much like a Loot Crate concept. GAMDIAS has agreed to provide centers with over $700 worth of items to distribute to ggLeap center customers over the season at a fraction of the cost. For $150 a ggLeap center will receive four keyboards, 4 mice, 4 headsets and 4 mousepads. It is up to the ggLeap center how to distribute these items to their customers. Either they can be provided to their weekly winners of the season or through a random prize drawing like the ggCircuit prize spinner. Currently we are limiting these prize crates to one per center. As of right now we only have 50 available.

Potential items for the GAMDIAS crate.

Potential items for the GAMDIAS crate (subject to change).

What are the requirements to get a prize crate?

To be eligible to purchase a prize crate you must have an active subscription to ggLeap software. LAN centers that run ggLeap are the ONLY esports locations that are eligible to participate in ggCircuit Season 7. ggLeap centers in the US, Canada, Australia & South America will be shipped the prize crate directly from GAMDIAS distributors. Other parts of the world may order a prize crate but may be subject to an extra shipping cost. If you meet these requirements, you can follow this link to purchase your prize crate.

Are there any other prizes?

If your LAN Center is one of the first 50 to order a prize crate, ggCircuit will also include medals and an overall trophy to distribute to your players as and added bonus. These medals are to crown your weekly champion in each week of the season. There will also be a trophy to bestow upon your overall winner for the season. Rally your community, get players invovled and recognize them for their accomplishments.

ggCircuit Season 7 sponsored by GAMDIAS starts Apr. 23rd

ggCircuit Season 7 sponsored by GAMDIAS starts Apr. 23rd

Tell me more about the ggCircuit Season

The ggCircuit season is a 10 week global automated esports competition. It tracks the statistics of players’ ranked matches (currently LoL & Dota 2) and creates a player score best on their top 5 games weekly. The first week is pre-season, then 8 weeks of competition, then one week of finals. While there is a player competitive aspect there is also a center vs. center concept. For each center we take the top 15 player scores, add them up to make your center score.

How can players participate?

All players have to do is visit their local participating ggLeap center and play ranked games of League of Legends and Dota 2. League of Legends ranked games are automatically linked, where players will need to link their Steam accounts within the ggLeap user interface in the Dota 2 game details. Best of luck!

We are very excited to yet again bring competition to local players on a global scale through our ggCircuit seasons. Play Games. Earn Coins. Win Prizes!

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