Zehn Masters Spring Series Fast Approaching

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The next installment of wide area network (WAN) tournaments is only days away from starting. The Zehn Masters Spring Series is the second collection of tournaments put on by the organization. These tournaments include a local qualifier by each participating location, then a WAN style online tournament between locations for prizes. The spring series will have a prize pool of $10,000 which will be distributed among sing player winners or team based winners depending on the type of tournament.

What is the Zehn Masters Spring Series?

Zehn is the German word for 10. Each series features 10 esports titles. Zehn Masters is born from the concept that esports players exist at many different levels of ability and life situations.  Not everyone that plays golf (tennis, bowling, basketball, etc) expects to qualify for the professional tour, but many people want to play their sport locally in a competitive environment as their free time allows.  Esports is no different.

The concept is very simple. Many tournaments require players and teams to travel to one location, with our growing network of ggLeap LAN centers  and with over 13 years of tournament experience we are able to coordinate these players and teams to participate online against one another. We coordinate with center owners who run their own local qualifier, and then bring their winners together into a WAN style championship tournament.

The benefit is two fold. One, a center owner can benefit by running local qualifiers, getting customers in the door to compete both on a local and national level. Two, the players and teams are not required to pay travel fees to get to a tournament where they may be knocked out in the first round. They can play in their home base against talent across the country in the Zehn Masters Spring Series.

What events will be included in the Zehn Master Spring Series?

For the Zehn Masters Spring Series, we’ve made some adjustments in regards to the games that will be utilized in the series as you can see below. This will be a common occurrence as popular games change and games that can be utilized for esports have more demand. The biggest changes made for the spring series will be the addition of both PUBG solo and PUBG squad as well as teh addition of Dragon Ball Fighterz for fans of fighting game communities (FGCs).

Games & dates for the Zehn Masters Spring Series

Games & dates for the Zehn Masters Spring Series

Where can I participate?

There are 17 locations participating in the Zehn Masters Spring Series. Please keep in mind that some locations are entering into only a few tournaments vs. the entire ten esports titles. When contacting these locations about their qualifiers, please keep that in mind. With the exception of one Canadian location all other locations are in the United States.

We look forward to bringing you more updates about the Zehn Masters Spring Series!

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