Esports Activity Tracker Completed with ggLeap version 0.1102

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We’ve added a new functionality into the web administrator with the release of ggLeap version 0.1102. This feature is called the esports activity tracker and meets a need that customers have been asking for.

Esports Activity Tracker Details

The Esports Activity Tracker is your audit trail for what is occurring both through the ggLeap web administrator as well as on your PCs. There is a wealth of knowledge that you can glean from data that can be exported.

Owners and employees can utilize filters through the Show/Hide filters at the top of the page to adjust the data that they want to see. Any changes made in these filters will automatically update the data. Data can be reviewed by scrolling through the output or by exporting a CSV (Comma Separated Values file) which can be imported into any spreadsheet software.

Example of the Esports Activity Tracker in use.

Data in the esports activity tracker can be filter by any combination of the following:

  • Start Date/Time
  • End Date/Time
  • Category of item purchased (Offers, prizes, snacks, etc.)
  • Activity by a specific employee
  • Activity by a specific customer
  • Activity on a specific computer
  • Any action created within the web admin (application launched, logins, logouts, offer added, client closed, etc.)

Full Details on ggLeap Version 0.1102

In version 0.1102 the following items were updates and/or improved:

Unity Update

For the ggLeap client, Unity was updated to version 2017.3.1p3. This should fix some rare crash issues that were being reported from customers.

Call of Duty Games

Some instances of Call of Duty PC games, depending on their setup were booting into “safe mode” with a low resolution. This also caused problems with the ggLeap client. This issue has been resolved.

Epic Game Support and Auto Login Improved

As with any game launcher, things often change. The popularity of Fortnite has brought a lot of changes to the Epic auto login. We are on a weekly basis right now adjusting our methods of doing auto logins with Epic and this release is no exception.


Activity Tracker in the web adminitrator.

Activity Tracker in the web adminitrator.

Esports Activity Tracker

Much like what was stated in the beginning of this post. The esports activity tracker has been added to the new web administrator to provide a full audit trail of activities on the admin side as well as data from the PC side.

Web Admin Dashboard Layout Altered

Design improvements were made to add better cohesiveness to data view and an easier user search capability within the new web adminitrator.

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