ggLeap Fuels The LAN Cafe Comeback

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Recently ggLeap was mentioned in a Kotaku article entitled, “The LAN Cafe Is Making A Comeback”. Penned by senior reporter, Cecilia D’Anastasio, the article looks at evolution of LAN cafes and the present state of their resurgence with the eSports boom.

ggLeap Mentioned As LAN Cafe Go To Software

The article states that “…hundreds of other LAN centers globally rely on brand new, still-in-beta LAN center software called ggLeap…The program is a Windows shell software that pulls a list of games from computers’ storage, and to play, customers just click on a game’s official art and log into their own account. After their time’s up, the client kicks them off. Zack Johnson, its creator, has owned a LAN center in Indiana for 14 years where he ran Halo and Counter-Strike tournaments against other LAN centers in the mid 2000s. ‘Five, six, seven years ago, we wouldn’t have been able to do this because the tech wasn’t there,’ Johnson said, citing game CDs and janky digital downloads.”

The article also goes on to say, “In 2013, his colleagues started designing software around League of Legends esports, pulling data from publisher Riot’s API to broadcast stats. Within three months of pushing that out, over a hundred LAN centers across the world were using it, he said. Two years later, Johnson’s software—completely re-written and accommodating dozens of games—is in high demand. He says game developers are showering him with game demo keys to share with ggLeap clients across the world.”

LAN Cafe - The Gamerz Funk (Taylorsville, Utah)

LAN Cafe – The Gamerz Funk (Taylorsville, Utah)

The LAN Cafe – Past, Present & Future

In the 2000’s, LAN Cafes got away with reliance on high speed Internet connections which at home was much less main stream than it is now. Esports was in it’s infancy, and ANY tournaments that provided decent prize pools were very well attended.

After a market downturn, roughly five years ago, the LAN cafe industry in America took a hit and many decided to close. The proliferation of high speed Internet and mobile gaming abilities kept more gamers at home versus meeting to play socially.

Fast forward a few years later and the resurgence of these locations is largely do to the explosion of team based gaming, and high level esports events. The key with LAN cafes now is it is all about the experience. What is the atmosphere, how high quality is the venue, chairs, peripherals and PCs? That along with the ability to engage the player with casual and competitive events have made these locations popular once again.

ggLeap Customers Also Mentioned

It was also very cool to see the author mention some of our dedicated customers doing great work in the LAN cafe business. Noted in the article were Brian Rasbury from Balance Patch, Luigino Gigante of Waypoint Cafe, Cave Gaming in Fairfax, VA, and Michael Winger of The Gamerz Funk.

Thank you again to Ms. D’Anastasio for your article. Not only did she review the software out there but has also spent time in many cafes on the east coast looking for great LAN cafe experiences!

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