Pre-Release Changes, Updates and Features, Oh My! (version 0.1043)

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This week we launched a new pre-release version with some great updates. Version 0.1043 is a volunteer pre-release that ggLeap customers can upgrade to for either a few test PCs or the entire store. Be sure to utilize your support channels if you are interested in upgrading. Here are some of the highlights of the pre-release.

Epic Autologin Support

One of the significant additions to this pre-release is now the ability to do auto logins for the Epic launcher. With the popularity of Fortnite becoming a popular contender with our LAN center customers it was important to add this to the long line of auto login support through the ggLeap license pool feature (others include Steam, Origin, Uply, etc.). We’re very excited to have this complete and implemented.

ggleap pre-release 0.1043

Unity Upgrade

Another large undertaking was to move our client to the latest version of Unity. The movement to the latest version of Unity has provided impact for the quality, clarity and efficiency of the ggLeap client.

Other ggLeap Client Updates in the Pre-Release

The following items were also updated to the ggLeap Client:

  • ggLeap music is now off by default after 1st login
  • Fixed Battle net auto login after a user interface change to the Battle Net launcher
  • Dota ranked match statistics have been fixed and are now tracking through ggCircuit.
  • Some League of Legends accounts were not being auto linked. This issue has been addressed.
  • Profile deletion for steam/uplay/bnet/discord/epic on logout has been addressed when a user clicks “Remember Me” within the launcher.

ggLeap Original Admin Changes

These items have been improved or fixed within the original ggLeap Web Admin.

  • Added Support for Steam bought Uplay games (double login).
  • Idle timeout machine shutdown bug was fixed.
  • Offer bug that meant that offers would expire even if no expiry was specified has been addressed.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a user to be logged into a console and pc at same time.

ggLeap Web Admin version 2.0

A lot of work has gone into the latest web administrator that will be fully released with a little more polish very soon. Here are the main items addressed with this release.

  • Moved “Activity Log” to left hand menu.
  • Added ability to add “cost price” for stocked items to perform profit reports later.
  • Moved “Stock Control” into settings panel.
  • Clicking on “shop” no longer shows all inventory by default.
  • Removed “add funds” offers.
  • Added ability to right click on users to “add money” (to accounts).
  • Added ability to pay for items from balance.
  • Reshaped subcategory boxes so that they are more mobile friendly.
  • Changed layout of shop items so that name is always on top, and amount is always on bottom.
  • Added shop+quicksell to user+computer right click menu.
  • Added ability to choose whether an item should have stock-checking or not.
  • Removed ability to “add time”, instead improving the offer based system to use offers+quicksell for all common transactions.
  • Massively simplified the offer system (now only 1 offer type).
  • Daily total stat at the top of the dashboard is now working
  • Added some hover-over hints.
  • Added more currencies

*note all old Admin functionality will be moved to newadmin closer to its release

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