Is Internet Cafe Software Dead?

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Today we review a recent article about the esports industry in regards to Internet Cafe Software. Kevin Klimack, former owner and project manager for CyberCafePro software, takes a look at the current state of cafe software and esports and wonders, “Is Internet Cafe Software Dead?”. It’s a very thought provoking post that looks at where Internet Cafe Software was, where it currently stands, and takes a positive look at the current players in the industry.

The Shrinking Internet Cafe Software Industry

In the article, Kevin discusses how previously the industry worked well because individuals had a need beyond gaming. The majority of the business utilized Internet speeds that allowed for gaming, business purposes, and printing. As technology has progressed Internet speeds have come of age and this is no longer a benefit Internet cafes can rely on. Another detriment to this industry has to do with mobile phones and mobile phone gaming. Mobile phones are cheap to obtain and provide many of the features utilized by Internet Cafe Software.

Due to the massive growth of esports, many cafes have transitioned into a spawn of a new industry, esports centers. Along with these centers comes esports management software.

Internet Cafe Software

Esports tournaments are part of the key to the esports center industry.

Why would existing businesses transition to ggLeap?

Mr. Klimack was very open, honest and positive about all players in this industry. He had this to say about ggLeap:

ggLeap is easily the most impressive management system I have tested in a very long time.  As the former owner of an internet cafe software company it is safe to say I have tested every internet cafe timer software that is worth using on the market.

The user experience on ggLeap is modern and effective.  The interface literally made we say “Wow!” when I fist saw it. In an industry which is often guilty of “putting lipstick on a pig” or praying the out of date platform will work with the next Windows Operating system,  ggLeap is a modern eSports center management software which is refreshing, visually impressive and works with Windows 10.

ggLeap has a larger focus on being a eSports Center Management Software but ggLeap suite is a management software tool for esports arenas, LAN centers & cyber cafes.  Why is this important?  This is where the industry has evolved to.  Internet cafes are no longer prevalent like they used to be.  This is the software to use if an owner of a cafe wants to make the transition from internet cafe to game center

I have personally spoke with hundreds of cafe owners recently who say they are just hanging on because of mobile phones and easy access to internet.  Many more have gone out of business.  The owners who are able are switching to eSports and game centers instead of typical cyber cafes.

I have been following Zack and his team on social media and it is a positive to see updates and the product moving forward.  The biggest knock I have on many software product is the lack of development and support.  ggLeap is in full development which cannot be said for most products on in the industry.”

As we move toward in new esports center management software industry, we look forward to carrying the torch as an impactful entry into the esports center explosion.

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