Exclusive Gaming Experience at X-Sha Elite

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X-Sha Elite is an exclusive gaming lounge serving game lovers and enthusiast in Hyderabad, India. They are not just any other game center but one with distinction. This has been made possible by the ASUS powered gaming devices as well as ggLeap software.

They make use of state-of-the-art ASUS gaming devices including CPU, ASUS mouse, ASUS Cerberus keyboard, and HyperX headset. With the ggLeap suite implemented on these devices, X-Sha Elite has been able to create a one-of-a-kind gaming experienced for game lovers, something they may not be able to achieve within the four corners of their home.

Excellent Gaming Service Provided by X-Sha Elite using the ggLeap Suite

Today, gaming is more than something you do at your leisure time to relax. What people actually want is to be a part of the experience. X-Sha Elite has been able to create the intriguing gaming experience at the gaming lounge by implementing the ggLeap Suite into their gaming devices.

Game lovers and enthusiast all over Hyderabad, India and nearby area now troop into X-Sha Elite gaming lounge to test their gaming skills and be a part of the experience. ggLeap comes with an advanced PC client and a cutting-edge cloud-based administrator. This has made it possible for X-Sha Elite to deliver the exact type of gaming experience individuals of all ages seek for.

Enjoy Your Favorite Games at X-Sha Elite like Never Before

Are you passionate about playing games? It’s time to take the fun away from your private room and be a part of the experience at this gaming lounge. This is the perfect place to enjoy all your favorite games including WWE 2k18, FIFA 18, Just Cause 3, Uncharted, Injustice 2, and many more, on PS4, PC, HTV VIVE.

Players gaming at X-Sha Elite.

Players gaming at X-Sha Elite.

Other games that you can also play there include The Dueling Fate, PUBG, CSGO, Witcher, Rocket League, Dota 2, GTA 5, and many more. With the ggCircuit Suite, an incredible gaming experience awaits you.

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