Exclusive Gaming at Fire and Dice using ggLeap

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Fire and Dice is an exclusive game store in Milford, Connecticut, known to provide an excellent gaming experience for both young and old in Milford, CT, and nearby environments. By making use of the ggLeap software, Fire and Dice offers you a gaming experience you may not be able to create in the comfort of your home.

Fire and Dice – The Home of Gaming in Milford

The numerous collection of available games as well as the outstanding customer experience makes Fire and Dice one of the best game stores in the area. A nice place to come hang, relax and have a mind-blowing experience playing some of your favorite video and card games.

In addition, Fire and Dice also buys old trading cards and video games including Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic cards, and lots more. On any of your visits to Milford, Connecticut, Fire and Dice is the ideal video game store you need to visit. An incredible experience awaits you.


Fire and Dice


ggLeap Is Perfect Fit For Your Game Center

Today, a lot of gaming businesses often lack the ability to manage the center, delivery excellent service, and ensure that all customers that come in to have a feel of their gaming events are satisfied. Fire and Dice has excelled in this aspect.

The up-to-the-minute PC client and cloud-based administrator of the ggLeap software have gone a long way in helping Fire and Dice deliver exclusive gaming services, one of the best in the community.

Fire and Dice hosts tournaments and events of various games including Magic: The Gathering (MTG), Injustice, Street Fighter, Smash 4, Yugioh, Pokemon, and so forth. The flexibility provided by the ggLeap suite is making the gaming business boom.

Take your gaming business to the next level today with ggLeap Suite. Emulate the success of Fire and Dice in Milford, CT by implementing the ggLeap Suite into your interface. Through this, you can offer your customers more and grow your gaming business.

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