ggCircuit Twitchcast – 12/08/2017 – Expansion, Investment, Pioneer Program Ending, Zehn

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Today we were able to put together a ggCircuit Twitchcast about a lot of topics. Most important being the pioneer program ending.

Pioneer Program Ending

The early adopters of ggLeap got major perks for becoming a customer through the Pioneer Program. We want to be clear that these perks for early access of discounts and lifetime discounts will be ending on December 31st and the subscription model will start. So if you are interested in being part of the pioneer program please contact us.

Question of the Week

The question of the week is how to find investors for esports arenas and LAN Centers? Finding money is the hardest part. Currently with the connections we’re making it’s been fortuitous for us that we’ve talked with people wanting to start up but unable to find an investor. It’s like putting a puzzle together as at this point we’ve been able to connect those great people with investors that have reached out to us.

Investment and Expansion Updates

Today we also talked about how we are very close to securing an investment in ggLeap. We’re hoping that this will scale us to increase our development team with an additional six people. This will assist us with moving much faster knocking out some of these nagging features we haven’t been able to finish as of yet. We are also very excited to work with a partner to start to expand our eBash LAN centers. We are targeting 30 new locations in the next year.

ggLeap Updates

Point of sale will be completed within the next month. It is currently in alpha and you can access things such as financial settings, graphical layout of your store and much more. We’re excited to finally be at this point. With the investment as said above it to multiply and conquer through development. It’s no longer about getting to version 1.0 but getting through the milestones of what our customers need.

ggCircuit Updates

With RIOT removing rune pages from League of Legends this has thrown a wrench in the works to League linking. So we will be changing this to automatically grab the user logged into the game so that the customer will not have to “Link” their account. We’re really excited about this because we believe this will help with future game integrations to allow linking without extra work.


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