Dell Gaming Seeks ggLeap for Offline Gaming Kiosk at Office Depot

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Coming off the success of the ggLeap Alienware kiosk system, Dell reached out to ggLeap to do a similar project through their gaming PC line at Office Depot stores. Much like the previous project Dell wanted a custom interface for two gaming machines that would be placed on an end cap in hundreds of Office Depot stores. This was to be completed in less than a month and was to be an offline gaming kiosk.

Offline Gaming Kiosk with Machine Autodetection

The goals of the project were to create a custom interface for a Dell gaming laptop and desktop that would show an informational video, machine specs, configuration details and launch a game to try out the machine. The main distinction of this project was that ggLeap no longer was able to rely on online monitoring of it’s software due to no guarantees of an internet connection. Since ggLeap could no longer rely on a connection, the user interface, back end & game launching were completely altered to meet these offline requirements.

Dell offline gaming kiosk

The custom installation of ggLeap for Dell gaming allowed the machines utilized to be auto-detected skipping the need for a human touch. This auto detection loaded the proper graphics and information needed to properly detail each machine. The machines used for the end caps were as follows:

Dell Inspiron 5000 Series Gaming Laptop

This laptop boasts a quad core processor with 8GB of RAM, GTX 1050 video card and over 1TB of hard drive space.

Dell Inspiron 5675 Gaming Desktop

The Dell Inspiron Desktop used in the end cap utilized an AMD Ryzen 5 1400 processor, Radeon 570 video card, 8GB of RAM, and 1TB of hard drive space.

Finding the Right Game

Many of today’s games rely on internet connectivity for both major and minor tasks. Finding a game that was able to solely be offline was a task in itself. The ggLeap team worked with multiple candidates to meet the needs of the project. We were able to work directly with the team at Crytivo Games who provided us a completely offline version of their planet management game The Universim.

The Universim is designed to offer a very different take on your typical God Game. At its core, it offers all of the juicy features that long-time fans of the genre have come to know and love. But, this isn’t just a simple genre revival, it’s a reinvention! Take control of a dynamic, evolving gameplay experience as you advance your civilization from stone to the stars above. With an AI that makes dynamic decisions, and a world that is forever changing, the possibilities are endless.

ggLeap applied a 15 minute time limit to allow someone to play The Universim, but to also allow anyone else wanting to evaluate the systems a timely cutoff.

Automated Installation

A lesson learned from the previous installation were that individuals installing our interface were of all technical levels. ggLeap put a lot of time and effort to make this installation easy enough that minimal input and choice selections were needed. Through our installation only two clicks were needed to confirm the installation the rest was done automatically. Installation of our user interface, removal of conflicting applications, game installation, machine configuration, control panel settings, auto detection and more were completed through the installer without human interaction.

24/7 Support

ggLeap provided a support number and email addresses for Office Depot staff to reach out to. Due to the ease of use of the installer support calls have been minimal to this point.

Project Summary

In our mind the project was a success in that it bolstered our abilities to create an offline version of ggLeap that was easily installed and distributed. Providing these abilities in a short timeline is also a value added to our customers. The utilization of auto-detection and offline game launching was also a feather in our cap. We look forward to providing more custom game launch solutions in the retail world.

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