Nexus Esports A.S.D. in Italy joins ggLeap

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Today we welcome Nexus Esports A.S.D. in Aversa, Italy to ggLeap. Nexus is the first LAN center in Italy with ggLeap expanding our international reach of global centers.

Nexus Esports

Nexus Esports Amenities

Nexus has both 14 PCs available for modern day esports gaming as well as consoles. They are also very focused on bringing esports tournament events into their location and keeping their gaming community excited about competition. It’s also a great way to meet others with like interest.

League of Legends Italy


Recent Review

Nexus has over 96 five star reviews. They are very well loved in the Aversa community. Here’s a recent review:

A great discovery for those who love gaming at any level, opportunities to meet new people and with things in common. You meet friends here that continue both inside and outside of the club. Prices Are more than competitive, both for gaming and for drinks. I’ll be back with no doubt.

About ggLeap

ggLeap provides Nexus with a state of the art management software for their LAN center. Nexus is a part of 40 other LAN centers just in Europe. ggLeap works with it’s integrated competition system ggLeap so that players can earn coins and redeem prizes. Players can decide what level they want to play whether local or global.

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