Lambton College Opens Esports Arena

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Members of the ggLeap team were on hand to help open up the esports arena at Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Not only did they begin their journey of competitive esports gaming, but the leadership at the college announced a college major in Esports Entrepreneurship & Administration.

The Lambton College Esports Arena

The esports arena boasts 22 high-end GeForce Battle Box Ultimate computers equipped with “Ryzen 7 1800X processors, 32 gigabytes of ram, and 1080ti superclocked graphics cards”. The PCs are wrapped with designs from Xotic PC and all are running ggLeap for user management and game license management. The arena is home to the Lions esports teams as well as open to the public for both casual and competitive play.

Lambton employees, Rick Brown and Lori Atkin put together the esports plan at an incredible pace. The genesis of their idea started in October of 2016 and was realized in less than a year. Their drive, combined with full buy in by the Lambton College leadership, provided the path for the esports program to come together and open in record time.

Speaking with existing college esports program, such as University of California Irvine, was extremely helpful on this journey. At this point only about 15 – 20 colleges have esports as a varsity activity. “We’re definitely the first college in Ontario, and probably Canada to have that available,” Atkin said.

Lambton College

Competitive Esports at Lambton

The college held tryouts during the opening of the esports arena, and will field teams in League of Legends, CS:GO, and Overwatch. The teams will be lead by Lambton Alum, Dave Mastrobuono. Mastrobuono says, “I’ve always been a dedicated and competitive gamer and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and experience to a new generation of competitive gamers,

The Twitch partnered Lambton esports program is already having weekly competitions in these games with collegiate rivals.

About the Esports Major

The Esports Entrepreneurship & Administration program, will learn both the foundation of esports and business. This major will be an intense combination of communications, sports marketing, finance, ethical leadership, teamwork, social media, health promotion, entrepreneurship and business development.

Students will experience hands on classes of esports history, technology familiarization, multimedia, networking, and other skills. Business logic and event management will also be skills learned that relates to esports tournaments. Theplan is also to have our varsity and academic students work with and continue to develop high school teams, competing in an annual tournament as a part of the capstone project for the program

It was so impactful to be present at the Lambton College esports opening and great to see a well respected educational institution realize early on the boom that the esports industry is becoming. Go Lions!

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