eBash Peoria Uses ggLeap Inside a Theater

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eBash Peoria is currently the second location in the eBash brand of stores. eBash has partnered with the Landmark Recreation Complex in Peoria, Illinois and has done an esports build out INSIDE an existing theater movie screen.

About eBash Peoria

Plans for the Peoria eBash are that it will include 33 gaming PCs, 16 Xbox Ones, 24 Playstation 4s and Virtual Reality will be coming soon. It is next door to the Cafe Marquee next door to the esports arena which has food and concessions available to purchase. eBash Peoria representative, Shawn Smith, was recently on The Greg and Dan show on 1470 WMBD in Peoria to discuss what the esports arena is all about. The interview can be heard below.



Peoria Steel Cats

Qualifying tournaments will be held over the next few months to sponsor players on their esports team. These players will then become part of the Peoria Steel Cats. The Steel Cats members will participate in ten wide area network (WAN) tournaments in December and January in ten different esports titles. This is part of the Zehn Masters series. They are one of 13 locations that have been selected to participate in this first of it’s kind tournament event.

More Information

eBash is the home of gaming and offers something for all sorts of gamers out there, including public and private parties, competitive tournaments, and casual get together game play. eBash Peoria has been having beta weekends over the last few weeks. Their official open data will be the 24th of November, 2017.

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