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ggLeap is proud to announce a new version of the beta web admin for our customers to use. This web administrator has completely been rebuilt from the ground up and we are releasing phase 1 of 3 to existing ggLeap customers. It’s still cloud based, available via a web browser and no server needed to run our software. The recreation of the web admin is months in the making and the future phases of the web admin will mean the completion of both point of sale functionality and the release of ggLeap version 1.0.

About The Beta Web Admin

The initial web admin was very simple in regards to being very text based. The new beta web admin dashboard is a very colorful and modern user interface. The new features that will be found in the latest beta web admin is that you have the option to see a graphical representation of your PC layout. In addition to the graphical layout you can create rooms within the layout and apply a background image to the graphical layout. The web admin is now supported on an iPhone which was not available in the initial version. Finally a huge asset to the beta web admin is an activity log to see more information about the pulse of your store that will only get better as we go along.




Video Transcript

Ross: Hey, guys, Ross here. Just thought I’d give a quick update on where we are with the new Web Admin. One of the reasons it’s taken as long as it has is because we essentially had to rewrite the Web Admin from scratch because when we originally did the Web Admin, it’s a long time ago now, it was at the time, using the latest technology, the latest version of Angular, which was a beta version of Angular Two, and quite a lot has changed since then. When the time came to implement the point of sales system, we had to make a decision on whether we wanted to stay on a beta version of Angular or get to the latest technology. We had to spend a long time rewriting everything.

The initial goal has been to create an employee mode of the Web Admin. The first version, what we have now essentially, is the ability for employees to use the new Web Admin on a day-to-day bases so it’s just essentially taking everything that we had, that was working, and put it into this. Once we get to that stage, which we have now then it’s so much easier for us to add in new functionality because the reason for the delay was actually just doing all of the stuff that we already had but having to do it all again. Now that that has all been complete, it’s just going to be so much easier and faster to add new stuff in.

Quickly, just to give an overview of the new Web Admin and how it works compared to the old one. First of all, you notice we have a dashboard button on the top left rather than a computers button and a users button because we figured, there’s really no point in having a big, massive list of users. All we really need is the ability to add users and search for users. Also, you’ll notice below the users list here, there’s a list of users, these are the users that are actively logged in. It’s a quick way to get access to the user kinds of people who are actually playing right now so if somebody comes up to the reception and they want to add time to their current, it’s a very quick way just to right click on them here to add time on.

That’s this search functionality. Eventually, we’ll have all the coins and everything in here as well so you can very easily see the dollar mark where we have balances, the coin amount, the time amount on the people who are currently logged and if you search anybody, I mean, I don’t know. Going to type a few letters here, then it also gives information about those users as well. It’s a very quick way to get to the information that you should need and then you can just right click or click on the buttons on the left. The buttons on the left, by the way, the three dots there and also on the PCs, that’s because that’s the best way to do it for iPhones and Apple applications so the Web Admin works fine there.

The PC list that we’re seeing here, is very much the same as before. No changes there. Again, just right click to do whatever you want. You can scroll down here. We do have a graphical user interface now so I’ve been playing around with this, which is why it’s all messy but you can create rooms. You can call them whatever you want as well. Oops. Downstairs. You can then click on the rooms individually to see them. All you need to do is grab computers and drop them in and then they’ll click into place. Again, you have the full functionality of these computers. You can just right click on them to perform actions. It’s quite easy to forget you’re doing all this within a web browser rather than an app so it just goes to show the kind of technology we’re working with here as well.

It’s all pretty cool. You can lock this as well if you don’t want to make anymore changes. Also, you can right click on it and you can use small icons if you’ve got a really big center and you need to squeeze more PCs in. You can change the background image as well. If you have like a plan or some sort of layout of your center, you can load that image in here and it’ll replace the grid and then you can really get an accurate presentation of how your center looks. You can also use the fit here button too. Real easy to zoom in and zoom out. The idea really is that any size of center can be easily configured within the graphical user interface.

One of the new things we’ve got, which I’m sure a lot of you guys will be quite happy with is the activity log. The activity log, it’s a real time activity log so you can see everything that happens at the moment that it happens. You’ll notice that there’s a source here as well. You can see that we actually have a user called Undecided. I was wondering what that was there but that must be his username. We can see the username and what he does and the details of it on one PC. On the right hand side, we have the source. If the user does something, he’s the source but if an employee does something like he’s logged in or using it remotely or put a computer in admin or adds an offer, then it will be assigned to the employee and then you can use these filters to really find out what’s going on.

We’re going to be beefing this up quite a lot by adding in extra filters such as like, the actual computer filter so you can have a look at PC 15 and see everything that’s ever been done on that PC and it’ll just scroll down forever. Also, an activity log for users so you can punch in a username there and just see everything that’s happened with regard to that user account as well. Activity log is pretty cool. Then, the next button we’re going to see here on the left is going to be the point of seal button. We’re under heavy development with that at the moment. It’s scheduled for release in the second week of December so fingers crossed we can hit that.

It’s actually split into three milestones. The first milestone is to do with configuring your stock and all the items you want to sell. That actually might go up pretty early, in the next couple weeks. Then the next milestone will do to be with the actual selling of things. Then, the final milestone is to do with actual stock control. We should see this button appear pretty soon on the new Web Admin. People can start adding items and playing around with it. The important thing really, overall, is that all of the hard work in redeveloping this from scratch, has been done now so it’s going to be much easier for us because there’s so many feature requests and things in our road map that have just been hanging around for ages and it’s because we had to wait for this to be rebuilt first and tested. It’s been quite a long process of doing that.

It’s really good that we’re coming out of the other side of that now and it’ll be really awesome when we’ve tied in the point of sale, which is the only thing that we’re focusing on right now so we can’t do any … I know a lot of you guys will see this and immediately have extra requests but we just can’t do it right now. We’ve got to get the point of sale done, which is what everyone’s focused on right now. We’re on a schedule for December and then after that, then we can start doing PC groups and all of the other small feature requests that we’ve had for ages that we can just incorporate now, into the new Web Admin. Overall, I think we’re in a pretty cool place. You’re free to, you can us this Web Admin alongside the old one and play around with it. It’s at One other thing actually, you’ll notice that this particular center has some numbers. There’s quite a lot of numbers one and it’s because this particular center has named their computers.

You can see it’s; R201 and R601. The Web Admin actually, it parses the username for numbers. If you want to use the graphical user interface, you’ll have to rename your computers in numerical order so that the parse works properly. That was a decision we had to make because a lot of centers have names and we just couldn’t fit names in the little boxes so we had to just make a call to make it numeric. It parses your computer name for numbers so if it’s just numbers then, that’ll work. Anyway, I think that’s it. By the way, this starts at the top there. We’re still developing the APIs for that so these numbers are not in place yet but console shifts, guests, should work and your employees should be able to use this for most day-to-day actions. Cheers guys. Good luck.

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