Zehn Masters $20K Tournament Series Announced

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ggCircuit has announced the Zehn Masters $20,000 tournament series that will start with LAN center qualifying tournaments and continue with the LAN winners competing in WAN style tournaments over the next couple months. LAN centers involved in the series are NOT required to run ggLeap.

What is Zehn Masters?

Zehn Masters is a first of it’s kind esports competition. Multiple locations from across the country will participate in qualifier events at their local LAN center. The winners of these qualifiers will then be sponsored under an esports team to participate in nationwide WAN (Wide Area Network) events to play for cash and prizes.

“Zehn” means 10 in German. Each series will consist of 10 esports titles. The titles may vary per season but each series will have both multiplayer and single player events available for participation.

What Are the Ten Games?

The initial Zehn Masters series will include the following games: Call of Duty WWII, CS:GO, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Madden 2018, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, NBA2k18, Overwatch, Rocket League & Tekken 7.

Five single player events and Five multiplayer events.

Participating Esports Teams

East Coast Samurais

East Coast Samurais
Hollywood, FL
El Paso Glitchers

El Paso Glitchers
El Paso TX

Evo Esports
Flushing, NY

Golden Gun Gaming
Albequerque, NM
Novastar Gaming

Novastar Gaming
Kansas City, KS
Peoria Steelcats

Peoria Steelcats
Peoria, IL
Rome Revolution Esports

Rome Revolution
Rome, NY

San Antonio Source
San Antonio, TX
Section 9

Section 9 Gaming
Fargo, ND

The Grid California
Chino Hills, CA
The Grid Tempe

The Grid Arizona
Tempe, AZ

Utah Funk
Taylorsville, UT
Wabash Valley Highlanders

Wabash Valley
Terre Haute, IN



Path to become a Zehn Master

It will be dependent on what each location does, but for the initial competition based on the game your path to become a Zehn master could take a different path.

Path 1 – Online Qualifying Tournament -> LAN Qualifier -> WAN Tournament

Path 2 – LAN Qualifier -> WAN Tournament

Regardless to be eligible for the nationwide WAN tournament you must win the LAN qualifier and then you and/or your team will participate in the LAN tournament.

Path To Zehn

Qualifer & WAN Tournament Dates

The qualifier dates for each game will be setup differently at each location. If interested check the Zehn Masters location in your area to see what the dates of their qualifiers will be. For tournament dates of the Zehn Masters WAN tournament schedule, check the “Series” page on the website. To be able to participate in a WAN event, you must be a sponsored player from each team where you or your team has won a qualifying event. WAN tournaments will also take place in the esports team’s local LAN center.

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