PUBG Marketing Toolkit Available For Server Competition Nights

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We have put together a PUBG marketing toolkit to assist centers in promoting ggLeap PUBG server nights. Last week we started these test events and had over 50 players at each night. We have two servers available with a capactity of 100 players each. I’m sure as we continue them they will continue to grow. These events as of this writing are targeting for ggLeap North American centers. ANY center that has a player that wants to participate is allowed. If you are an international center and are OK with playing on North American servers, please join us.

If you’re not aware, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a HOT video game title for LAN centers right now. Think of it a lot like The Hunger Games. A big bunch of players are added in game where it can be a solo or team competition. It’s every man for himself and is under the “battle royale” game genre. Currently Tuesday nights are team nights (2 man or 4 man) and Saturdays are solo nights. Events start at 4pm EST.

pubg marketing tookit

ggLeap has worked with Bluehole to obtain official servers for PUBG and is offering two nights a week dedicated to game play. As a ggLeap center all you have to do is the following:

  1. Get into the ggLeap PUBG Discord channel.
  2. Let us know you have players.
  3. Provide us the center name, ggLeap name and PUBG in game name.

We’ll take care of getting the servers and games started. Winners of each match are provided ggLeap coins for use in a LAN centers local prize vault or the ggLeap global prize vault.

Below are some different promotional materials that we’ve created to help market these events to your players:

Dropbox Folder

The majority of images for your PUBG nights are here. There is even a Photoshop file in case you want to put your own graphics flare on them. There are images there for social media, paper flyers, social media channel banners and much more. Check it out!

ggLeap Side Banners

Utilize these side banner images to place on your ggLeap user interface. You can do this within the “Center Config” navigation item in the ggLeap administrator then using the “Client Images” tab to add them in. I would suggest uploading these to imgur to utilize them on your UI.

PUBG solo banner PUBG Team Banner

Enjoy your PUBG nights. All the chicken you can eat!


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