Lawbreakers Global Licenses Now Available

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Lawbreakers has been added as a global license pool for ggLeap. We are excited to add this title from Boss Key Productions as a new entry in the Multi Online Battle Arena genre.

About Lawbreakers

Two teams of five players must work together to complete the objective of the match, with one side playing as “Law” and the other side playing as the “Breakers.” Though teams may not play as characters from the opposite side, the chosen Roles have the same equipment and play-style regardless of team.

Of the multiple modes in the game, one of the most popular is “Overcharge”. A modified capture-the-flag mode with one flag planted in the middle of the map in the form of a battery. Teams must race to grab the battery and then take it back to their base, where it must be defended until it reaches 100%, and then a further 20 seconds, to earn a point. However, the battery keeps its charge even if it is stolen, so one team could charge the battery to 99% complete, then the enemy could steal it and take the point after successfully defending the battery at 100% charge. The first team to score three points is the winner.

ggLeap Global License Pools

For Pro subscribers and higher, ggLeap provides access to licenses which we work with game developers to receive. As part of this we promote the game through the ggLeap user interface and our social media channels. Today we’re proud to announce that Middle Earth: Shadow of War has been added to our collection of global licenses. How these work is that based on your subscription level you (a center owner) can enable these games through the ggLeap web administrator and it will auto log you in through our cloud based license pool behind the scenes. Then you are able to install it and have your customers enjoy it just like they would through any of your other games.


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