GLHF Game Bar Uses ggLeap in Jacksonville

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Today we welcome GLHF Gamebar in Jacksonville, Florida to ggLeap. GLHF Gamebar is Jacksonville’s first game bar. They have PC games, console games, arcade cabinets, and tabletop games.

GLHF Game Bar

GLHF Game Bar

More About GLHF Game Bar

Not only do they provide an awesome gaming venue, but they serve delicious game-inspired food along with craft cocktails. Chicago Pizza is next door, talk about an awesome setup. Their hours are weekdays from 5pm – 2am, Saturday & Sunday from 11am – 2am.

GLHF Game Bar Action Photos

GLHF Game Bar Action Photos

Recent Review of GLHF Game Bar

“My son was involved in a gaming tournament that was held at GLHF, so we got to spend a lot of time there. With that much time, I expected to see some issues pop up – but never did. GLHF is a part of Chicago Pizza. It’s Gamer Heaven – but I never felt overwhelmed by all the different media sources that surrounded me.

The crowd surprised me. At the Landing, I expect to see mostly tourists that think that’s all Jax has to offer. GLHF was filled with locals – not just there for the tournament. There were folks of all ages & backgrounds. There was a game-centered birthday party going on & the staff hustled to meet all their needs. Smiles & good times filled the room.

GLHF is a draw – a unique reason to go downtown & something the Landing needs.

Throughout the day, we got several snacks and a pizza. Everything tasted like good bar  fare – fresh & filling. The wait staff was great. Our ice tea cups were always full and the servers were always cheerful & helpful.

Any technical issues that arose during the tournament were dealt with quickly to keep things running smoothly.”

– John R., Orange Park, Florida

We look forward to working more with GLHF Game Bar, now part of our Florida customers that include East Coast Gaming, Gamescape and more!

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